Ken Jeong, Chelsea Handler, Meghan McCain, Elijah Wood, Maggie Q, Nikita and more NBC Video Coverage

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NBC Coverage Videos


Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain talks about getting fired from her Dad’s campaign.  Meghan McCain talks about finding out Sarah Palin was her Dad’s running mate.

Ken Jeong talks about his connection with Chelsea and recent People Magazine story.  Ken Jeong talks about Jay and Chelsea’s sexual tension, getting recognized by fans and NBC show Community.

Stump Game With Elijah Wood (9/8/10)
Jimmy and Elijah go head to head in a game of Stump.  Elijah reveals he’s a foodie.
Maggie Q (9/8/10)
The actress discusses her new show “Nikita.”

Comedian: Andy Haynes (9/8/10)
Andy discusses birth control and Cirque du Soleil midgets.


Ten Seasons of Inspiration
Bob Harper talks about the past and present of The Biggest Loser.  Inspiring the Nation
Meet some of the new Season 10 contestants and get motivated!  Pay It Forward Starting Sept. 21
Bob and Jillian give you the lowdown on this season’s theme!


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