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BLACKFIELD “Welcome to My DNA” Album Review

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BLACKFIELD returns with their third album, “Welcome to My DNA”, following a gap of four years caused by Steven Wilson’s (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli artist, Aviv Geffen’s hectic schedules. Blackfield’s pallet is filled with many different colors and always seems to stimulate different emotions and I often find myself getting lost in the layers of music. The contrast between the two very different vocal styles helps enhance your journey into the minds of Steve Wilson and Aviv Geffen.

“Glass House” opens the album with a lush landscape of orchestral strings, Steven’s voice and what resembles classic 70’s Genesis guitar licks. Not knowing what to expect next; “Go to Hell” intros with Aviv singing “Fuck You All”, a song written in the studio after an experience with a family member. Each song is arranged differently and highlights both Aviv and Steven.

“Waving”, the first single is easy to love with its uplifting tempo and I found it hard not to clap along at the end. Additionally, the video reminds of my childhood, when I first saw Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing” video back in the 80’s.  “Oxygen” is another track that pops out of the mix, probably because I have been waiting to hear more Aviv on Blackfield’s tracks. Even though his vocals are always present on Blackfield’s albums, “Welcome to My DNA” has more songs that feature Aviv on lead vocals.

Throughout my first couple of spins of the album, I couldn’t decided how I felt about this compared to their previous ones; “Blackfield” and “Blackfield II”. It was difficult to compare them because “My Gift of Silence” from “Blackfield II” has been set on repeat mode at my house for so long, but it looks like the third album maybe my favorite. Pick up your copy of BLACKFIELD’S new album, “Welcome to My DNA” today and don’t miss them on tour. 

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