SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Una Venta”

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“Una Venta” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 4 Advance Review, Airing 9/27/2011

Last week on Sons of Anarchy, the votes were tallied and the decision to move forward with the Galindo Cartel was made.  It certainly wasn’t unanimous, so you know that will keep this season extra suspenseful.  This week just gets the ball rolling on a few of the nail biting, oh wait, let’s make that, nail ripping scenarios in our near future.  “Una Venta” — SAMCRO makes a run to set up a new business venture while Gemma makes a new ally in Charming.  Written by Kurt Sutter and Marco Ramirez and directed by Billy Gierhart.

The boys leave for a bike show and my favorite character, Chucky gets to show his support by waving.  Doesn’t it just bring a tear to your eye?  Think back to when we first met Chucky (Michael Ornstein), he was doing something very different with his hands then.  I still laugh when I think about Clay’s (Ron Perlman) first reaction to Chucky. They should make a reel of classic special moments between Chucky and the people that were touched by his past touching moments.

Jax (Charlie Hunnam), Clay and the rest of the boys meet up with the Tucson chapter and they get an inside view on the pros and cons of their present business venture.  You know it’s going to be a great episode when Jax says “douchebag.”

One of my favorite relationships this season is between Gemma (Katey Sagal) and Chucky.  I love how they became close when the boys were inside.  Gemma bought him hands and this week you get to find out where the hands came from.  Chucky goes on an errand with Gemma and she meets a couple of people, one that is on her radar and one that just blends right in.

The explosion that you get to see in the preview made me think of Burn Notice and how Matt Nix is going to be a little jealous.  I’ll admit, I’m a girly girl but I even love a well done explosion.  We are so spoiled because when Kurt decides he wants to see fire, we get the real thing, not CGI or one of those Amish fireplace heater effects.  Kurt respects his audience.

The Sons visit someone with a connection to the club to find out what went wrong.  This is the scene that disturbed me the most.  They were looking for information and Clay pointed Tig (Kim Coates) down a road that there is just no coming back from.  It was a disgraceful action and I don’t know if I can ever forgive Tig or Clay for initiating it.  For shame, I certainly hope that they both went home feeling dirty that day.  The actor that portrayed the impending victim did a brilliant job and should win an Emmy for his performance.

That Linc Potter (Ray McKinnon) is an odd one.  When I see him, I can’t help but think of the creative way he is going to end up eating it.  He has a special table moment in this episode and I didn’t like it one bit.  It looked like he was thinking, too much and that just means that he is up to something really low.  He is not above hitting below the belt and doing anything to secure his position at the top of the food chain. He enjoys disrupting the inner workings of the club and this time he has a new target.

Piney’s (William Lucking) ailing health does come with a few benefits.  Poor Piney, he has lost so much but he never gives up.

When Jax and Opie (Ryan Hurst) were in trouble it was a plus to have Romeo (Danny Trejo) and Luis (Benito Martinez) on their side but what is going to be the ultimate price paid for working with the Galindo Cartel?

Another fantastic episode and after each episode I find myself thinking about what is going to go down in the finale.  This season has been so intense, so can you imagine what this is all leading up to?  That being said, you can’t afford to miss a single episode of Sons of Anarchy, Tuesday nights only on FX.

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