PSYCH “This Episode Sucks” Review Guest Starring Kristy Swanson & Corey Feldman

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So, a woman in a red dress walks into a bar and sees a handsome police detective drinking by himself.  She feels an instant attraction and buys him a drink.  She knows his name.  He’s immediately suspicious but is so mesmerized by her that he is willing to play along.  You see, they share a mutual love for Clint Eastwood movies!  She excuses herself to freshen up but mysteriously disappears out of the restroom window.  And she never even told him her name!

The next morning, a man is discovered murdered in a parking lot.  For the first time in six years, Juliet arrives (with Shawn and Gus in tow) at the crime scene before Lassiter.  Our psychic detectives noticed there are strange puncture wounds on the victim’s neck and wrist and he is almost completely drained of his blood.  There can only be one logical explanation: there is a vampire in Santa Barbara!

With Lassiter determined to track down the identity of the mysterious woman of his dreams, Juliet is left on her own to work with (and babysit) Shawn and Gus who find themselves at the blood bank at the precise time when, coincidentally, it is broken into and blood supplies are stolen – could it be a shape-shifter?

Alas, it does not take long for Lassie to find the mystery woman, aka Marlowe, aka prime suspect in the murder and the break-in at the blood bank.  But when a besotted Lassie offers himself as her alibi, the group become even more suspicious of this woman.

Has our stoic Detective Carlton Lassiter finally found true love?  And will it last?  I hope so – he needs someone to help him chill every once in a while and watch some Eastwood films together.  But what if she’s a vampire, murderer and a thief?

Psych fans have been waiting for “This Episode Sucks” for a long time.  For one thing, it’s Halloween so you can expect to see Shawn and Gus dress for the occasion.  Then there’s the anticipated guest appearance of Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy) as Marlowe, the mysterious woman who captured Lassie’s heart.  And, of course, a vampire episode would not be complete without reference to The Lost Boys (watch out for Corey Feldman in a too-short appearance as the bartender at the vampire bar).

Timothy Omundson, who plays Detective Lassiter, recently tweeted that this is one of his top 3 favorite episodes of all time.  Personally, I think these Lassie-centric stories are long overdue.  The only thing missing from this week is the usual Henry-young Shawn flashback but my excitement over so much Lassie more than made up for it.

So here are a few things you’ll learn about Lassie:

  • He has a rare blood type
  • His mother is a lesbian
  • He has trained himself to be resistant to chloroform
  • His job always comes first

Oh and remember this word: farrow.  Happy Halloween!

PSYCH SEASON 6 Review OK PSYCH-os, the wait is finally over!  You can bust out your pineapples, start singing the theme song 

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