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AMERICA’S GOT TALENT Highlights part 2

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Unity in Motion: Quarterfinals

Dance and contortion troupe Unity in Motion competes for a shot at the AGT semifinals.

William Close: Quarterfinals

William Close returns to the AGT stage with his Earth Harp, determined to win the million-dollar prize.

Eric and Olivia: Quarterfinals

Eric and Olivia bring their unique singing and musical accompaniment to the AGT stage in pursuit of the semifinals.

Lindsey Norton: Quarterfinals

Lindsey Norton might be the best dance soloist in the country, and tonight she’s aiming for AGT’s million-dollar prize.

Horse: Quarterfinals

Horse is hoping his high tolerance for pain will lead him to the semifinals.

Olate Dogs: Quarterfinals

The Olate Dogs return to the AGT stage with an amazing animal trick performance that could be worth one million dollars.

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