SNL with Christina Applegate + Passion Pit

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Vice Presidential Debate Cold Open

Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan get heated during the 2012 vice presidential debate.


Christina Applegate Monologue

Almost 20 years later, Christina Applegate returns to Saturday Night Live and she’s excited it’s that perfect time of year, when it’s not quite the holidays yet.


Gillette Masters of Style

Gillette wants you always looking your best, even if you’re the worst.



The Californians: Wedding

Wedding planning becomes dicey when Stuart learns several unsettling pieces of news about his fiancé.


Tech Talk: iPhone 5

On this episode of Tech Talk, a panel of experts reviews the flaws of the new iPhone 5 until more unexpected guests show up.


Taken Trailer

If you enjoyed films like “Taken” and “The Expendables” then you’ll want to rush to theaters to see “Give Us All Our Daughters Back.”


Passion Pit: Take A Walk

Musical guest Passion Pit performs their song “Take A Walk.”


Weekend Update Favorites 10/13/12

Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyer brings you the latest headlines, including reaction from the 2012 vice presidential debate.


Weekend Update: Arianna Huffington on Martha Raddatz

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington stops by to talk about Martha Raddatz’s performance as the vice presidential debate moderator.


Weekend Update: Jean K Jean on Lance Armstrong

Seth asks French comedian Jean K Jean about his country’s response to the recent allegations of Lance Armstrong’s doping ring.


Principal Frye: Hell-oween Bash

Principal Frye and the librarian take exception with some of the students’ behavior and costumes at the school’s Halloween ball to promote literacy.


Passion Pit: Carried Away

Musical guest Passion Pit performs “Carried Away.”



Students have a hard time understanding a dance studio choreographer Fosse dance lessons.


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