Exclusive THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 Marisa Quinn Interview

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We sat down with one of the stars of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the beautiful Marisa Quinn.  Marisa plays Huilen, a vampire.  It was great to be able to learn more about her character, her pre-med background, her experience on the set with the rest of the cast and a few cardboard shape-shifters, the musical number in Breaking Dawn, and so much more. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 opens in theaters everywhere this weekend.  Follow Marisa on Twitter @Marisa_Quinn.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Is Huilen going to help Edward and the gang or are you one of the bad ones?  You’re not a Volturi are you?

Marisa Quinn:  I’m not a Volturi and I can say that we are there to come to the aid of the Cullens in their time of need.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I’m just so excited that you are a good vampire.

Marisa Quinn:  I’m a good guy, yeah.

Patrick G. Keenan:  So you are one of the clan of people that he pulls in to help protect Renesmee?

Marisa Quinn:  Yes.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Now this is a big franchise so how was the audition process?

Marisa Quinn:  I was expecting it to be callback after callback but I walked in and I was the first one there.  I went in and I did my version of the audition.  I did it with an accent and they loved it.  They hadn’t even thought about it with an accent and they had me do it regular as well.  They asked me to be really still because vampires are really still creatures.  I just went off their direction and give them my version and that was it.  They put me on tape and I didn’t hear from them for a while and then, out of nowhere, I got a phone call that said I was their choice.  I was just floored.

Patrick G. Keenan:  That’s great.  Now did you have practical fangs?

Marisa Quinn:  I actually never got to attack anyone so I didn’t get any fangs.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Oh man.  You’re a fangless vampire.  Did you get to sparkle?

Marisa Quinn:  I didn’t.  I wasn’t in the sun.  I got the red eyes.

Patrick G. Keenan:  You were on Sons of Anarchy.

Marisa Quinn:  Yes.  I played the Wahewa Hottie in “Dorylus.”

Patrick G. Keenan:  We are huge Sons of Anarchy fans.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Are you ready for the Twilight fans?

Marisa Quinn:  Oh my god.  I got my first taste last night.  They are so fun and just adorable.  They have so much life, energy, and passion.  It’s so inspiring, it really is.

Patrick G. Keenan:  They are going to be with you forever.

Marisa Quinn:  I hope so.

Patrick G. Keenan:  They are probably hiding behind the sofa right now.

Marisa Quinn:  [Laughing.]

Patrick G. Keenan:  Do you have anything else coming up besides Breaking Dawn?

Marisa Quinn: I’m producing a pilot presentation that just got into a premiere and we are shopping it around.  I’m staring in it as well.  It’s called Sweet Mary & Jane.  It’s the comic quest of three hot girls from L.A. making their way in the world of designer gourmet pot edibles.  It’s fun and it basically feels like sometimes that they are in a video game.  It’s full of color and it’s not exactly a realistic world because they might be under the influence [laughing].  I’m also in the pilot of Animal Practice.  My first scene was with the tiger from The Hangover.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Did you bond?

Marisa Quinn:  We did.  She was very kind to not spray me.  She sprayed a couple of other people.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Actors aren’t supposed to work with animals and children and you’ve just blown that apart.  I’m assuming Renesmee is a kid.  In the movie she grows from a baby into a little person.

Marisa Quinn: Yes, she grows really quickly.  She’s only weeks old but then she sprouts.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Did you have fun working with everybody?  Did the shape-shifter people give you any trouble?

Marisa Quinn:  The shape-shifter people were actually cardboard when I was there, so no trouble.  They were very cute in their space with their cardboard ears.  I was sad that I didn’t get to see them in real life.

Patrick G. Keenan:  So you didn’t have to green screen it?

Marisa Quinn:  That’s why we were on a green screen.  The cardboard was there to be their mark.  Then they would animate them later.

Patrick G. Keenan:  How was it acting with cardboard?

Marisa Quinn:  It was pretty cool.  They were really easy to work with.  They don’t give you any grief [laughing].

Patrick G. Keenan:  So it’s preferable to real actors sometimes [laughing]?

Marisa Quinn:  Well, no.  They don’t give back too much, so that’s the only thing.  They are there to lean on.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I was going to ask you if they came running after you during some of the scenes but not if you’re leaning on them.

Patrick G. Keenan:  How did you get into the business?

Marisa Quinn:  I just wanted to.  I went into school actually, pre-med.  I thought I was going to be a doctor and then I was cast in the lead role in my first play at college.  After that I didn’t want to do anything else.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Where did you go to college?

Marisa Quinn:  Brown University.

Patrick G. Keenan:  That is a jump from doctor to actress.

Marisa Quinn:  Needles to say, my dad was not very happy about it.  Going to an Ivy League school to be an actor [laughing].

Patrick G. Keenan:  So you didn’t get all your credits but one and then become an actor?  You hear that story a couple of times from people.  They went through all the training and then one credit left and they decide, “I don’t want to do this.”

Marisa Quinn:  I went to therapy for an entire year before I declared my major because I knew I wanted to declare it as theatre.  I just thought I was crazy.  My parents thought I was crazy; everyone thought I was insane.  I needed therapy to make the decision.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I think you’ve chosen wisely.

Marisa Quinn:  Thank you.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Do you still do stage things?

Marisa Quinn:  I actually do.  I just did a workshop for a new musical called Distant Thunder, based on Native American culture.  I got to play the lead role in that and it was so amazing.  Lynne Taylor-Corbett is a Tony nominated Broadway choreographer and director.  She was the director of it and she wrote it along with her son, Shawn Taylor-Corbett.  It was so cool.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Do you like the musicals?

Marisa Quinn:  I love musicals.  Singing is as great of a passion as acting.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Did you try to throw some into Breaking Dawn?

Marisa Quinn:  I did.  I tried to throw in a musical number.  Did you hear that Mia did a choreography number in the middle of the battle scene?  It’s like during the confrontation.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Like a battle or fight choreography or literally a dance?

Marisa Quinn:  A song and dance.  We were literally doing the same scene day after day and we were so bored and during our off hours Mia had this idea to have everybody learn the same dance and she had some of the crew guys play the song on the loudspeakers.  In the middle of this really intense fight the music starts blaring and we all start doing this choreography.  It was so silly.

Patrick G. Keenan:  That’s awesome.  Is it going to be behind-the-scenes when it comes out on DVD?

Marisa Quinn:  I hope so because it was so amazing and we worked so hard on it.  We were sneaking off to the back, where there was this wall, to practice.  It was like 5-6-7-8.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I would love to see that on the DVD because the movies tend to be so serious and that would be so great.  I don’t think they have outtakes.

Marisa Quinn:  Exactly.  I think they probably will.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I want to see Edward (Robert Pattinson) bust out laughing.  Can he dance?

Marisa Quinn:  Are you kidding?  Was I looking at anyone else?

Patrick G. Keenan:  Oh, so you are totally Team Edward.

Marisa Quinn:  I am.  I was always Team Edward from the very beginning.  Nothing could ever sway me.  My sisters were all Team Jacob and I was Team Edward.  I would get to set and meet Edward and I was all butterflies and trying not to blush.  I went to sit down and decided to get a tea and I walked toward craft and I ran into Taylor Lautner.  I literally ran into Taylor Lautner.  He was like, “Are you okay?”

Patrick G. Keenan:  So now you might be swayed to being on Team Jacob?

Marisa Quinn:  I could not speak.  The effect he had on me was completely unexpected.  I walked back to my seat in a daze and I sat down next to one of my co-stars and said, “I think I’m Team Jacob.”

Patrick G. Keenan:  So you are just team whoever is in front of you [laughing].

Marisa Quinn:  Right!

Patrick G. Keenan:  Will we see more of the family in this one?

Marisa Quinn:  They are all in it.

Patrick G. Keenan:  I really like the family. I like the fact that Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) is a doctor and he’s a vampire.  Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) is just that wildcard.

Marisa Quinn:  Jackson is a riot.  He’s probably like the jester on the set.  He’s always cracking jokes and just being funny.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Most of your scenes are with the Cullen family?

Marisa Quinn:  Yes, the Cullens and the Denalis; all of the good guys.  The Denails came to the wedding.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Are they a big part of this?

Marisa Quinn:  Yes, they are very important.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Are you coupled up like the other vampires?

Marisa Quinn:  I’m a single vampire because my coven mate, but I can’t really say coven mate because we don’t really have a coven.  It’s just him and I, my son/brother.  He’s my nephew so.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Did you work with Billy Burke at all?

Marisa Quinn:  I didn’t.

Patrick G. Keenan:  Well you have a lot coming up.  You should pitch your show to FX.

Marisa Quinn:  I was thinking about that.  They don’t have any female driven shows.  You can check it out on http://www.sweetmaryandjane.com.

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