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SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Jeremy Renner and Maroon 5

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C-SPAN Booknotes Cold Open
Paula Broadwell, the biographer of Gen. David Petraeus’ book and one of the women in the center of a CIA sex scandal, gets rather personal during a reading of “All In.”

Tourism Ad
This holiday season you should skip that trip to Hawaii and head back to home, where every comfort is right at your fingertips.

The Californians: Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving with The Californians becomes heightened with news of a baby and an illness.

The Situation Room: David Petraeus
CNN’s Wolf Blitzer tries to answer the question Americans are asking after the news of David Petraeus’ sex scandal surfaced: who is Jill Kelley?

Stand Off
Three men in a tense stand off go to great lengths to not let anyone out of their sights.

Maroon 5: One More Night
Musical guest Maroon 5 performs “One More Night.”

Weekend Update Favorites: 11/17/12
Catch up on the headlines with Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers, including the Gen. David Petraeus scandal.

Weekend Update: Winners and Losers – David Petraeus
Seth breaks down the winners and losers of the Gen. David Petraeus scandal.

Weekend Update: Katt Williams
In the wake of several recent controversies, Katt Williams stops by to address his actions.

Weekend Update: Chris Christie
New Jersey governor Chris Christie stops by to update everyone on his state’s progress since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc.

The Avengers
When The Avengers face an alien invasion, Hawkeye runs into an equipment problem which slows everyone down.

Movie Set
An annoying extra on a movie set makes a scene with Jeremy Renner very difficult.

Maroon 5: Daylight
Musical guest Maroon 5 performs “Daylight.”

A man asked to identify a body in the morgue thought to be his brother gives some interesting answers.

Cartoon: Drones
If you’re not sure where you stand on our military using drones, you need to check out Cool Drones in concert before forming an opinion.

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