SUITS Advance Review “Blood in the Water” USA Network

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Actions have consequences.  Mike (Patrick J Adams) is finally heeding Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) advice to clean up his act.  First went the married former girlfriend, Tess, and now he reluctantly farewells his stash of weed from his apartment. Unfortunately, Harvey is still in a bad mood after the romantic weekend he had planned to woo Zoe failed to eventuate and takes it out on Mike for being late and missing a meeting with Trent Devon (Jon Foster), a long-time client of Harvey’s about to take his company public.  Trent is concerned that Harvey and the firm may have lost their focus since the civil war with former partner, Daniel Hardman, and is considering taking his business elsewhere.

Louis (Rick Hoffman, who continues to captivate me with his ability to make me love and hate Louis at the same time week after week), meanwhile, is also in a bad mood after telling Jessica (Gina Torres) that she has made him look like a fool by making him withdraw his job offer to a top associate.  Jessica reminds him that his vote for Hardman against her in the partnership vote will go on haunting him forever.  In Louis’ line of fire is associate Harold, who, despite being smart and a Harvey graduate, has the tendency to turn into a bumbling idiot every time Louis approaches.

As Mike drowns his sorrow over a drink, he bumps into former colleague, now with another firm, who tells him that the Pearson Hardman associates are jumping ship.  Turns out when you get fired by the firm, like Allison Holt (Diane Neal) did, you can take your revenge by poaching their top talent.  Harvey does not take this news well and jumps to the conclusion that there is a traitor in their midst, offering a report card on their staff to the enemy.  As Donna (Sarah Rafferty) helps Harvey brainstorm ideas to make sure they don’t lose any more clients to the sharks circling Pearson Hardman, they must also fight to keep the clients they do have.

And what of the actions that have consequences?  Louis had thrown his support behind Hardman against Jessica when it mattered – is his job safe?  Mike had an affair with a married woman – what happens when her husband finds out?  Will bumbling Harold survive another Louis anger outburst? Has Harvey gone too far with his anger over Louis’ betrayal?  Is Pearson Hardman really losing its grip on being one of the top law firms in New York following their internal feud?

Without giving too much more away, I must say this is one of my favorite Louis Litt episodes and hats off to Rick Hoffman for bringing out the vulnerabilities and ambitions of Louis to the fore.  I had a few moments when I was reaching for my Kleenex, especially in his moments with Mike in the men’s room – is that a big enough teaser?

Tune into SUITS on USA Network on Thursday 24 January at 10/9c.

Guest starring: Jon Foster, Diane Neal

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