PSYCH Season 7 Advance Review “Juliet Takes A Luvvah” USA Network

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NUP_149915_0411It is with much relief that we know Henry (Corbin Bernsen) survives his shooting and that this close call makes Shawn (James Roday) realize that he needs to grow up and take better care of his old man.  But he doesn’t have to do this alone, for dear mom, Madeleine (Cybill Shepherd), also arrives from out of town to help out.  Suddenly, the Spencer house changes from solo living to a family of three…

After such a long courtship between Shawn and girlfriend, Juliet (Maggie Lawson), it seems he is finally maturing and ready to move on, but what will his move back home mean for their relationship? After all, Jules has given every indication that she is ready to let him have more than a drawer in her house.

Watching your best friend moving on is not always easy and clearly Gus (Dule Hill) is looking for his own perfect match.  Gus’ recent record has not been good – as he reminds us that for the past year, all the women he has dated have either been killers or had dated killers. He tries his luck with online dating through to find his “perfect Indian princess”, Rachel (Parminder Nagra), but accidentally stumbles across the profile of one “Helene” – aka Juliet!

NUP_149915_0371It takes a while for Shawn to realize that his girlfriend is not cheating on him but is, in fact, working undercover following the murder of two women in their 20s who have been strangled and their bodies dumped in the woods. Their only connection is that both women’s dating profiles featured on the same dating website, with a shortlist of six prospects, including one man nicknamed “Mr. Possibilities”.

Despite being a little distracted by the possibility of his divorced parents getting back together, Shawn is just as concerned with his best friend falling so quickly head over heels for Rachel, suspecting that she might also be somehow connected to the serial killer.  Gus believes the Oxford-educated nutritionist is “The One” but Shawn questions if she is “The One for Us” – how could Gus go out with someone whose idea of a snack is an apple?!

Here are this week’s teasers and they all center around Gus’ ideas of a great date – would these work on you?

  • Mini golf
  • A night at the movies
  • Getting fingerprinted
  • Being accused of murder…whaaaaat?

Oh and Rachel is definitely hiding something – can you guess what?

PSYCH “Juliet Takes A Luvvah” airs on USA Network on Wednesday at 10/9c.

Guest stars: Cybill Shepherd, Parminder Nagra, Sage Brocklebank, Ethan Sandler

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