PSYCH Advance Review “Lassie Jerky” USA Network

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NUP_149913_0317Bigfoot is real and is hiding out in the woods of Santa Barbara. Or at least that’s what a couple of college students, Katie (Kate Rogal) and Chavo (Alex Enriquez) believe, as they venture into the woods to make a documentary to enter the Student Academy Awards. Through their blog, they enlist the help of Shawn (James Roday) for his psychic abilities for tracking down Bigfoot, who in turn, misleads Gus (Dule Hill) into joining him on the adventure.

Shawn and Gus don’t believe in Bigfoot but don’t want to pass up the chance to make a documentary about a documentary about the mythical creature, and so, armed with their own camcorder, they set out to prove that it is all a hoax orchestrated by the students, who turn out to be a very horny couple.

Of course, things are never boring when Shawn and Gus are involved, and before you know it, the group finds themselves being chased by something big and furry and come across a pile of corpses that mysteriously disappears moments later. Obviously there is something bigger that Shawn and Gus have accidentally stumbled upon, must more dangerous than they can deal with on their own, so thankfully, Lassiter (Tim Omundson) and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) come to their aid after some hikers report that they have seen the Blueberry abandoned on the side of the road.

NUP_149913_0031How will a bunch of city-slickers cope when they are stuck unprepared in the woods without adequate supplies and not even a map? Surprisingly, Lassie does not deal as well as he would expect and it is up to Jules to prove she is no ordinary Girl Scout.

Some of the best and funniest moments:

  • Gus’ appetite defies logic – why would anyone not question the fact there is a delicious turkey leg just hanging on tree branch?
  • Juliet has an almighty kick that ends up saving Lassie’s life
  • A perfectly-timed swoop by a hawk causes Shawn great upset
  • Lassie leaves a video message for his beloved Marlowe
  • A little singing by the campfire, anyone?
  • Bigfoot does exist – only in Santa Barbara

Written and directed by James Roday, “Lassie Jerky” shows off Juliet O’Hara as a detective not to be trifled with, even bringing out the sentimental side of her partner.

PSYCH “Lassie Jerky” airs on USA Network on Wednesday at 10/9c.

Guest stars: Kurt Fuller, Kate Rogal, Alex Enriquez, Big Show

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