PSYCH Advance Review “100 Clues” USA Network

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NUP_-149916_0226It has been seven years now and Shawn Spencer (James Roday) is still managing to be the best fake psychic detective on television (and don’t let anyone – the “Mentals”? – tell you otherwise!). This week, this “little” cable network show celebrates its 100th episode with an ode to Clue which includes some of the original cast members from the 1985 film.

Shawn gets a mysterious party invitation delivered by a – what’s a stripper-gram without the stripper? – anyway, you know what I mean. He brings Gus (Dule Hill) along as his “plus one” after Juliet (Maggie Lawson) gets a call to investigate a missing person’s case.  Always up for a mystery, especially with the offer of free food, Shawn and Gus turn up at the mansion on a dark and stormy night half an hour early. They are greeted (after pressing a doorbell that is somewhat alarming) by the Butler, named Clizby (Garrett Morris) – can you figure out how it is pronounced – who shows them around the house, which was built by a chocolatier who, legend has it, even built a secret chocolate room.

The other guests arrive shortly thereafter: Lesley Ann (Lesley Ann Warren) – the Groupie who speaks with a stutter, Martin Kahn (Christopher Lloyd) – the Author who introduces himself as a Harvard graduate, and “Highway” Harry (Martin Mull) – talent Manager. Shawn quickly deduces their mystery Host is Billy Lipps (Steve Valentine), the rock star who he and Gus had helped the SBPD put away for murder five years earlier.

NUP_-149916_0185Fresh out of prison, Billy is a new (Jewish) man and wants to celebrate new beginnings with all the people who had testified against him in his murder trial. The celebrations take a dark turn when one of the guests is murdered right under their nose…or maybe not? Everyone is a suspect but what would be their motive?

Coincidentally, the missing person case that Juliet is working on leads her and Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) to the same mansion, and they are soon leading the interrogations of all the suspects, including Shawn and Gus. However, before they can resolve the murder, they get another surprise visitor and it is none other than Curt Smith (played by Curt Smith) but he does not get a very welcome reception!

I couldn’t tell you how it all unfolds and who dunnit even if I wanted to.  You will have to tune in to the show, vote on twitter or on, to determine which ending is shown to identify the true murderer. It could be a different ending for each coast!

What I can say is that this is the funniest episode I have seen and the folks at USA Network have gone all out on this one.  Here are some teasers and my favorite moments from “100 Clues”:

  • Gus has a fear of toupees and it’s not a pretty sight when he faces his fear
  • Shawn and Gus do a wonderful happy chocolate song-and-dance
  • If one of the guests is dead, what happens to his meal?
  • Do you know what people in prison do to people who brag about going to Harvard?
  • Is there really a secret chocolate room?
  • How did the panther get out? Whaaaaaat?
  • Just how do you pronounce the butler’s name?
  • Curt Smith sings

PSYCH “100 Clues” airs on USA Network on Wednesday March 27 at 10/9c and don’t forget to vote to see who the real killer is!

Guest Stars: Christopher Lloyd, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Curt Smith, Steve Valentine, Garrett Morris

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