PSYCH Advance Review Season 7 Finale “No Trout About It” USA Network

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NUP_149933_0442It’s amazing how quickly a season finale comes upon us when there is no mid-season hiatus to interrupt a great run of Psych.

After a heart-melting few weeks when Shules (Shawn and Jules) were temporarily separated, it is absolutely fitting that the pair is now reunited and working together, along with Gus and Lassie to fend off a baddie from within: special consultant, Harris Trout (special guest star Anthony Michael Hall), who has been brought in by the Mayor to investigate the unorthodox practices at the SBPD.

Despite having helped the SBPD solve over 100 homicides over the past 7 years – a fact which, in Trout’s opinion, only serves to show that their brand of law enforcement has been no deterrent to murderers – the Psych team is being fired unless Shawn can prove his psychic abilities and explain the events leading up to an incident at the Memorial Day Fun Run (look out for a very fit-looking Henry in shorts getting picked up by a beautiful runner!).

NUP_149933_0235In the lead-up to the incident, it turns out Shawn and Gus had been asked by a deathly-looking walk-in, Leo Quinn (Joey Slotnick), to help investigate his own murder before he dies from poisoning.  Not feeling his best, Quinn had taken himself to the ER for tests, only to be told by the doctor that he has either ingested or come in contact with a highly toxic chemical commonly used for pest control.

But why would anyone want to murder a small-time lawyer whose only “crimes” seem to be an obsession with Duran Duran and an extremely hot Mexican wife (Rebeka Montoya) who married him to gain US citizenship?  Before Shawn and Gus could solve Quinn’s murder, the body count already starts to pile up.

Trout, a former Chief himself, is no fool, and despite Chief Vick’s assurances that Trout’s bark is worse than his bite, no-one is convinced. Not even his own mother is safe from his bark!  So will the team survive his questioning before they turn on each other? What will be the fallout from Trout’s visit?  Will all the years of disobeying orders finally catch up with Shawn and Gus?  Will they catch Quinn’s killer before it’s too late?

PSYCH season 7 finale airs on Wednesday, May 29, on USA Network at 10/9c.

Guest stars: Anthony Michael Hall, Joey Slotnick, Rebeka Montoya

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