COVERT AFFAIRS Season 4 Advance Review – “Vamos” – USA Network

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Covert  Affairs - Season 4From the moment Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) met Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorham), there was always a special chemistry between the two. Now, after three seasons of fans watching them fall in and out of love with other people, they have finally come to accept their love for each other (cue sigh of relief and happiness!).

Trust has always been a big factor in the relationship between Annie and Auggie, and nothing is more important for them now since Annie’s meeting with former Head of the Department of Clandestine Services, Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin) in the diner where his son, Jai, was assassinated.  Henry is a sly one and not to be trusted.  Despite pledging her allegiance to her bosses, Arthur (Peter Gallagher) and Joan Campbell (Kari Matchett), when Henry shows a mysterious file to Annie with proof that a high-ranking official in her department has been funneling money to a known Columbian terrorist group, she decides to accept the mission he offers her.

Acting against Auggie’s warning that Henry cannot be trusted, Annie follows her instincts to Columbia, strictly “off-books”, but spies can smell other spies on their territory, and she is quickly spotted by local CIA station chief, Calder Michaels (Hill Harper).  Michaels has his own agenda and ambitions to return to Langley after twenty years in the field and is not happy about Annie’s sudden appearance investigating something he is not privy to.

While Annie is smart enough to poke in the right holes for information, it is with Auggie’s help, as always, that she is able to start piecing the puzzle together.  But we are only getting a small glimpse of what is sure to be a pretty big puzzle as secrets come out in the open and we learn that “clandestine services” happen on and off the job for a very powerful person in the CIA.

COVERT AFFAIRS season four returns to USA Network on Tuesday, July 16 at 9/8c.

Guest stars: Hill Harper (new series regular), Gregory Itzin

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