THE TOMORROW PEOPLE Advance Review – “Kill or Be Killed”

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1383436_569314469790706_287436038_nThis Wednesday night‘s episode of The Tomorrow People, “Kill or Be Killed” should make fans of Veronica Mars very excited, as Jason Dohring guest stars as Killian McCrane. A deadly former operative of Ultra, Killian reappears after years off the grid. Stephen (Robbie Amell), who is still working within Ultra, tries to get John’s (Luke Mitchell) assistance in capturing Killian after a series of bombs has announced his return. Last week, we were given some of Cara’s (Peyton List) back story, revealing a painful and hurtful past. This week, we get to see some of John’s questionable history with Ultra and Killian. And at the same time, while Stephen is off his power subduing meds, his mother (Sarah Clarke) starts to suspect something is up.

One of the exciting things about the series, is that it’s delving more into the mythology of the characters. And with it, the series is becoming darker with each episode which is building the excitement. They’re going at an excellent rate of letting us know the characters and how they developed into the Tomorrow People. As long as it doesn’t get so dark that it breaks into an emo pouting fest of emotionally damaged super-powered people, the series should be strong. Once again, we have some strong teleportation battles, and a fair share of action. How is Killian’s return going to affect John and the Tomorrow People, and will John ever be the same? Tune in Wednesday night at 9 ET on CW.

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