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11030166_10153297439263243_2131155799_oIf you’re like me and have already grown weary of this year’s television offerings, you may want to check out Kittens In A Cage. Written, directed and executive produced by Jillian Armenante, Kittens In A Cage is based on the play by Kelleen Conway Blanchard. What can I say about Kittens In A Cage? It’s fucking hysterical! Unfortunately my editor will want me to elaborate a bit, so here we go. Kittens In A Cage is the story of Junie (Rebecca Mozo), who after a botched up bank robbery gets fingered by her back stabbing partners in crime. As a result, Junie is sentenced to a stint in an all girl’s prison run by the prosthetic arm wielding Matron (Gigi Bermingham). After encountering a colorful array of psychotic inmates, Junie finds friendship with her pyromaniac cellmate, Vickie (Erin Anderson). Besides the Matron serving as a villain, we have the bully Jeanine (Rebecca Field) and her cannibal sidekick Barbara (Jillian Armenante). The story unfolds as we watch Junie adapt to her new environment. Or are we watching the inmates adapt to Junie?
11028384_10153297438743243_187027061_oThe seven episode series almost demands that it be binge watched. Its edgy style is on comedic par with shows you might see on FXX, and it surpasses their more recent new series. The dialogue is quite witty as delivered in its 1950’s style. As a result of that, it’s not very explicit, but it’s chock full of innuendo which is the true source of its comedic power. I didn’t recognize a number of the main cast members and found that very refreshing. The casting was wonderful. It’s hard not to like Junie with her innocence that might be mixed with a touch of psychotic potential. There are many flashback scenes that help flesh out the characters’ stories. A standout in the cast is Armenante herself. Her portrayal of the cannibal Barbara is hysterical. Having bitten off her own tongue, Barbara is somewhat impaired in her ability to communicate. But what’s even more wonderful is watching her reactions to what is said around her, in particular the tough girl rants of Jeanine. Barbara also allows for some comedic graphic violence that might just catch you off guard. Junie also has brought her ukulele to prison, so we’re treated with a number of musical numbers that are very funny. As a matter of fact, the music throughout was quite good. I also have to mention that I was impressed with the cinematography. I think that we’ve become so accustomed to standard camera setups for sitcoms, in particular, that it’s great to see innovative shots that add to the pace and action of the story. And if all of that weren’t enough, the cameo appearances are outstanding. There’s actually too many to list, but some of the standouts were Felicia Day, Jason Ritter, Misha Collins and Joel McHale. 11023376_10153297441348243_2014759936_o
Kittens In A Cage is now available to stream, presented by TV4 through Vimeo On Demand by going to

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