iZOMBIE Series Premiere Advance Review

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iZombieWhen I first heard the name and premise of iZombie, I have to admit I was a bit leery. A zombie that assists the police in solving deaths after she eats their brains and absorbs their memories? Sounds a bit bizarre to say the least, especially when The Walking Dead tries to make a zombie apocalypse as realistic as possible. When the trailers started to show for iZombie, there was something very familiar about what I was seeing, yet I couldn’t put my finger on it. During the opening credits of the pilot episode, I got my answer. This show is from executive producer Rob Thomas, who gave us Veronica Mars. Now as much I would love to say this is Veronica Mars as a zombie, it’s really not. There are similarities such as a strong, intelligent, capable female lead character who does voice-overs throughout the episode, but still she’s a zombie.


11024201_280066228783821_1431966212331773245_oI used to consider myself a fairly knowledgeable comic book geek, but I had never heard of the DC/Vertigo title that this series is based on. The show involves a gifted medical student named Olivia (played by Rose McIver). She’s doing time at the hospital and is engaged to marry her loving fiancée (Matthew MacCaull) in some mere months. She accepts an invitation to a party on a boat one night, and her fiancée encourages her to go, which she does. Unfortunately, there’s a zombie outbreak on the boat and she’s bitten thus becoming one of the undead. After she emerges from a body bag, we jump a number of months into the future. Now Olivia seems to have kept her personality and mental faculties. She still needs brains to survive, and once ingested she obtains some of the brain’s memories and qualities as a person. Our heroine looks pretty much like an albino with some pronounced eyeliner, and every so often a character will make a comment about it. She gets a job at the coroner’s office, which supplies her with a constant diet of brains. Now with her absorption of the memories and such, it makes her a perfect candidate to help solve the deaths of the most recently deceased bodies that come through. Her partner at the coroner’s office is Ravi (Rahul Kohli) and he’s intent with studying her to find out if he can change her back to human. Besides him, it doesn’t seem that anyone else knows she’s a zombie, not even the cop (Malcolm Goodwin) that she’s helping solve murders. Her engagement is off, yet she’s still friends with her ex-fiancée, which makes for some good tension. And this is where we’re at in the pilot. And as the series progresses, it looks like we’ll find out that there are others like her.

10838225_278893665567744_2667355245620704579_oAs absurd as the premise of the show sounds, it’s well done and fun. The dialogue is smart and witty with a fairly good pace to the action. Visually, the show is very well shot. The two episodes I’ve seen are pretty much of the procedural format, which isn’t really my thing. However, it might be the hippest show of CW’s latest offerings. And besides the Veronica Mars feel to it, there is a bit of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer feel too. That means besides the procedural actions of the show, it could develop quite a number of interesting ongoing storylines that build up the mythology of the show. It’s too early to tell, but it’s definitely worth giving a watch and deciding for yourself.
iZombie premieres Tuesday, March 17th at 9pm on CW right after The Flash.

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