THE MESSENGERS Series Premiere Advance Review: “Awakening”

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10363094_725933767514469_136780765017063924_nThe Messengers is coming to CW. I must admit I’ve been highly anticipating this new CW series as I’m a big fan of anything that combines angels and an impending apocalypse. And right out of the gate it looks like the series will deliver on those two things in spades. The pilot opens in Houston, Texas with two hospital employees having a genial conversation in the parking lot. Suddenly, a man walks up quoting Revelations from the Bible and guns one of them down. We then flash forward seven years to what we can only assume is the present day. At this point we begin to be introduced to our five diverse main characters, who are from different locations. In the desert of New Mexico we have Vera, played by Shantel VanSanten, who is a scientist for the National Deep Space Agency and she is alerted to a meteoric body hurtling towards Earth. Meanwhile in Arizona, we have Erin, played by Sofia Black-D’Elia, who has a daughter and seemingly is going through a tough divorce from her husband. Down in Mexico, we find Paul, played by JD Pardo, an undercover DEA agent who is in the midst of an attempt to bring down the cartel. In Houston, we have Joshua, played by Jon Fletcher, and he’s following in his daddy’s footsteps as a televangelist. Rounding out our five leads is the bullied high school swimmer from Arkansas named Peter. Peter is very well played by Joel Courtney, who my fellow geeks will quickly recognize from Super 8. I’m thinking Peter is sure to be a fan favorite and the champion audiences will empathize with the most. He’s bullied, lives in a foster home and has previously attempted suicide. We get the most background on him and you can’t help but want to cheer him on when he confronts those bullying him.
11130113_10205390613580650_4572593918496124700_nNow what connects these five characters is that upon the impact of the meteor event, all five die then come quickly back to life. They are the messengers or angels as we quickly discover when their wings are shown in glimpses. In the crater where there should be meteor debris, there’s a naked man and he’s not very nice. The Man, played by Diogo Morgado, is our apparent villain. Is he Satan or just a pissed off super being? We’ll have to wait to find out. Our newly transcended angels begin to develop some powers too. Peter exhibits super strength, while Joshua seems to have visions. Erin’s tears can heal. And it looks like all the characters are going to converge on Houston where our gunshot victim from seven years ago in the first scene is hospitalized. The Man wants her dead.
I’m really excited about the show after seeing the pilot. It has that epic feeling that you got from the first episode of Heroes, yet it seems more focused in its story. It’s well paced and the acting is solid all around. There’s that narrative voiceover at the start and finish of the episode, but it’s not too pretentious. This is definitely a new series worth checking out and seeing where the story will go.
The Messengers premieres Friday, April 17th on the CW.

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