Exclusive: Kristen Renton Interview

Kristen Renton chats about Sons of Anarchy, her charity work, and so much more. Kristen spent several seasons playing one of the most despised characters on Sons of Anarchy, Ima. Elizabeth: What were your feelings about Sons of Anarchy ending? Kristen Renton: Mixed emotions. We all knew there were only going to be 7 seasons, yet it went by so … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Winter Ave Zoli talks SONS OF ANARCHY, Lyla’s healing, the finale, set souvenirs, and so much more

Winter Ave Zoli talks Sons of Anarchy, how Lyla is healing, set souvenirs, the finale, and so much more. Do not miss the final episodes of Sons of Anarchy airing Tuesday nights on FX. Are you happy that Lyla is spending the final season behind the camera? Winter Ave Zoli: I think it’s great that Lyla has the opportunity to move up within her … [Read more...]

Exclusive SONS OF ANARCHY Winter Ave Zoli Interview FX

Sons of Anarchy star Winter Ave Zoli took the time to chat about the show, Lyla, and so much more. Don’t miss the season five premiere of Sons of Anarchy tonight at 10 EST on FX.  Trust me, you do not want to miss this episode. Elizabeth:  Have you had a strange fan encounter yet? Winter Ave Zoli:  Thankfully, I have not had any strange fan … [Read more...]