Showtime reveals first look photo from the third season of ‘Penny Dreadful’

SHOWTIME is unveiling a chilling first look at the new season of the network’s hit drama series PENNY DREADFUL, currently shooting nine episodes in Dublin, Ireland, featuring Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) as she turns to her alienist Dr. Seward (Patti LuPone) for help in battling the evil forces she cannot seem to escape. “Dreadfuls” will have to wait … [Read more...]

VIKINGS photos – Ragnar, Lagertha, and Aslaug love triangle

Season Two of History’s hit scripted series VIKINGS is around the corner premiering Thursday, February 27 at 10 p.m. At the conclusion of season one, Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) was unfaithful to his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) with Princess Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland). These new photos may shed some light into how Ragnar’s lady troubles could play … [Read more...]

VIKINGS Photo Gallery

Check out some photos from the Vikings press room at San Diego Comic-Con. Don’t miss the second season of Vikings in 2014 on History. [wowslider id="43"] … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Comic-Con 2013 Photo Gallery

Check out some photos from the Sons of Anarchy press room at San Diego Comic-Con. Don't miss the season premiere of Sons of Anarchy on September 10 on FX. [wowslider id="41"] … [Read more...]

Rob Zombie Photo Gallery Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT 10/20/2012

Twins Of Evil Tour Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT 10/20/2012             [wowslider id="30"] … [Read more...]

SUPERNATURAL season premiere photo gallery – Sam and Dean are reunited after a year apart

Photos from the season premiere of SUPERNATURAL airing on Wednesday, October 3 at 9PM. (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET) “We Need To Talk About Kevin” (Content Rating TBD) (HDTV) SAM AND DEAN ARE REUNITED AFTER A YEAR APART — Dean (Jensen Ackles) re-emerges from Purgatory, but he isn’t alone. He heads straight for Sam (Jared Padalecki), but the reunion … [Read more...]

WILFRED Comic-Con 2012 Photos

Here are just a few of my photos from the Wilfred press room at Comic-Con 2012. Interviews and more photos will be added soon. Don’t miss Wilfred, Thursday nights on FX.         [wowslider id="27"] … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Comic-Con 2012 Photos

Sons of Anarchy Comic-Con 2012 Photos Here are just a few of my photos from the Sons of Anarchy press room at Comic-Con 2012. Interviews and more photos will be added soon. All of the cast members of Sons of Anarchy are truly amazing people.  I can't wait for the new season of Sons of Anarchy in September, only on FX. [wowslider id="26"] … [Read more...]

LADY GAGA Monster Ball Photo Gallery

Lady Gaga played two consecutive nights to a packed house at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Before I even entered the venue I could see the enthusiastic fans lined up, dressed like their favorite Gaga persona, reminiscent of the earlier days of Marilyn Manson where fans felt free to express themselves while eagerly awaiting the start of the … [Read more...]


JANET JACKSON is one of my favorite artists and is a positive inspiration to all, so I was beyond stoked to get the chance to photograph her live when she came to the Mohegan Sun Arena in CT.  Janet is absolutely amazing live and her stage presence was astonishingly beautiful and powerful.  Janet has earned her iconic status by not only being an … [Read more...]


The Halloween Hootenanny Tour featuring Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, and Muderdolls was incredible! What an amazing group of bands and the most perfectly put together tour that I have ever seen. I have seen Rob Zombie a bunch of times and he is always fantastic but I have to say this was by far my favorite experience. What a dream tour to photograph … [Read more...]


I had my first dose of Alice Cooper and I am so happy it was a double. WOW, Alice Cooper is insane live! What a show and he never broke character. What a treat for all of your senses. Alice Cooper certainly knows how to put together a powerhouse of a band. With Jimmy DeGrasso on drums, Damon Johnson and Keri Kelli on guitars and Chuck Garric on … [Read more...]


Holy baby powder, Muderdolls opened the show it was my first time officially seeing them live. I’ve seen Wednesday 13 perform Muderdolls’ material with his solo project so it certainly was a treat to see Joey Jordison alongside him this time. Wednesday 13 is always exciting to watch and being in the baby powder downwind was pretty classic. I was … [Read more...]

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT 09/06/2010 Photo Gallery

Stone Temple Pilots had a gorgeous stage setup with huge screens that changed to suit the mood of the music. They used their smoke machines perfectly so it highlighted them without hiding them. As a photographer, you can’t ask for more than a band that actually enjoys being photographed and performs at such a tremendous level. Scott Weiland sounded … [Read more...]

Adam Lambert photos Lupos Providence, RI 08/10/2010

ADAM LAMBERT dazzled Providence when he brought his sold out GLAM NATION TOUR to Lupo’s. Adam is a rare breed of mind-blowing talent that stretches beyond what is even humanly possible. The man has put the E back in Entertainment and I want to thank him for that. I have not waited in line at this venue since the early years of MARILYN MANSON back … [Read more...]

RIHANNA’S LAST GIRL ON EARTH TOUR Photo Gallery August 9 2010

RIHANNA’S LAST GIRL ON EARTH TOUR with KE$HA took a swing by the Comcast Center in MA and delivered one of the best performances that I have ever seen. Rihanna gave her fans more in the first few songs then most artists do in an entire set. Rihanna is more than just a beauty from Barbados she is an accomplished vocalist and performer in every way. … [Read more...]

NIN COMCAST CENTER in Mansfield, MA Photo Gallery

NIN are never a letdown live and this is the first tour that unleashed a special drumming force known as ILAN RUBIN.  ILAN is from LOSTPROPHETS and is NIN live drummer for this tour and I have to tell you what a performer.  He is a powerhouse drummer with flare and hair to match.  What an incredible talent to add to NIN.  The light show was not as … [Read more...]


KATY PERRY played to a packed house at the AGGANIS ARENA in BOSTON, MA.  KATY PERRY’S stage set-up consisted of giant pink flamingos, a glitter fruit microphone stand, a mailbox, a white picket fence and a ton of glitter and pink, DIVINE would have been very pleased.  The band entered outfitted in matching pink satin suits to CALIFONIA GIRLS by the … [Read more...]