‘Mike’ review

At first glance, Mike is the story of one man’s journey, but what happens along the way is much, much deeper. It’s a riveting account of what the world is like inside the mind of an intellectually challenged man in his mid-50’s. Mike’s unwavering innocence and curiosity is certain to cure any dry eyes in the house. The brilliant Patrick G. Keenan … [Read more...]

‘Versailles’ Review

“Welcome to Versailles!” The awe-inspiring drama has finally made its way to us via Ovation TV. Versailles begins in France in 1667. You will be exploring the great world of King Louis XIV, played brilliantly by George Blagden. If you watched Vikings, you are well aware of the depth and range of this phenomenal actor. Athelstan broke your heart in … [Read more...]

‘The Exorcist’ Review

Get ready to celebrate Halloween early with the premiere of The Exorcist on FOX. This is the horror series of the season with striking visuals and tension so strong that your soul may just weep. Do you like it when your bones get that special kind of chill and your blood curdles? If so, this is your show. Don’t miss the series premiere of the … [Read more...]

‘Lethal Weapon’ Review

Get ready because FOX has your Wednesday nights locked down. Who can resist the pairing of Lethal Weapon and Empire? Talk about a very interesting crossover concept. You know Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) would definitely bust out her broom. Oh, how I adore that no nonsense woman. Lethal Weapon is an action-packed series based on the popular films. … [Read more...]

‘Lucifer’ Review

Lucifer returns! The timing is just perfect because we clearly need more positive role models on television. I mean really, have you taken a gander at this current election? Even he would wash his hands of that fiasco. It’s clearly not his jam. If you enjoyed the first season, get ready for a deeper, darker, and cleverly intense second season. … [Read more...]


The entire first season of Angie Tribeca premieres tonight on TBS for 25 hours straight. The series was created by the perfectly bizarre minds of Steve and Nancy Carell. Angie Tribeca is definitely an homage to Airplane! and The Naked Gun franchise. The show is nothing but goofy, brainless fun that doesn’t pretend to be anything more and that’s … [Read more...]


Colony premieres tonight on USA Network and you definitely need to check it out. It’s from the creative minds of Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Ryan Condal (Hercules). Since I’m already hooked on Bates Motel and The Strain, I figured I would give this Cuse series a shot and he wins again. Colony centers around a family that is trying to make things work … [Read more...]

FARGO Advance Review: “Fear and Trembling”

Things get mighty slippery in tonight’s encompassing episode of Fargo. The search for Rye Gerhardt continues as strange happenings are realized. Floyd has a difficult decision to make. Will she choose wisely? You are really not going to want to miss tonight’s episode. And if you haven’t realized it yet, Fargo is pure perfection. Last week’s … [Read more...]

FARGO Premiere Advance Review: “Waiting for Dutch”

Fargo returns this week with an all-new “true crime” case from 1979. What does that mean for your Monday nights? How about another round of brilliant storytelling and some really, really cool leather jackets. The spigot of creativity flows freely this season. Okay then. “Waiting for Dutch” - “In 1979, an unexpected turn of events at a diner … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL Premiere Advance Review: “Checking In”

American Horror Story is back tonight and I mean really, really back. Your timeless stay at the Hotel Cortez will be something for the record books. If you are not pleased with your experience then feel free to write a review on Yelp, but they have a strict “no refunds” policy. Why the hell would you want to leave? American Horror Story: Hotel … [Read more...]

THE GRINDER Series Premiere Advance Review

The time has finally come for you to experience The Grinder. Rob Lowe and Fred Savage will own your Tuesday nights. Is that really such a bad thing? They are the ultimate duo. “When his long-running hit series comes to an end, Dean decides to move back to his small home town to take over his family’s law firm.” You are not going to want to miss the … [Read more...]

YOU’RE THE WORST Season 2 Premiere Advance Review: “The Sweater People”

Get stoked because You’re the Worst is back this week and it’s even funnier than last season. Season two just goes for it and unleashes a whole new level of filthy, filthy awesomeness. Raise your hand if you still have Lindsay’s rendition of Kate Bush’s “This Woman’s Work” in your head. Kether Donohue has some pipes on her. I hope we get to … [Read more...]

SEX&DRUGS&ROCK&ROLL Series Premiere Advance Review: “Don’t Wanna Die Anonymous”

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll premieres tonight on FX and it’s definitely worth checking out. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another run-of-the-mill show about musicians and their excesses. This series has heart and features Denis Leary at his finest. If that doesn’t speak to you then I’ll add that Flash is pretty damn hot. Come for … [Read more...]

THE STRAIN Season Two Premiere Advance Review: “BK, NY”

Season two of The Strain premieres tonight on FX. I thoroughly enjoyed the season two premiere. I like where the series is headed. Some of your questions will be answered in the premiere through creative storytelling. The only thing that I can’t believe hasn’t happened yet is that Vasiliy Fet (Kevin Durand) hasn’t eradicated that mysterious entity … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review: “Secondo”

Tonight’s episode of Hannibal is my favorite so far this season. It really sets things in motion and features a very startling occurrence. Hannibal is a series that you just watch in complete wonderment. There is really nothing like it on television. Hannibal will nourish all of your senses. You are not going to want to miss tonight’s … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Season Three Premiere Advance Review: “Antipasto”

It’s finally here! The season three premiere of Hannibal airs tonight on NBC. This show is perfection in every single way. It’s exactly what television should be and so rarely is. Every episode is a visually stunning and uniquely entertaining masterpiece. Prepare yourselves for tonight’s journey. Once upon a time… The season two finale of … [Read more...]

THE AMERICANS Season Finale Advance Review: “March 8, 1983”

Tonight, there is only one thing that needs to be on your television and that is the season three finale of The Americans. That is all! Seriously, the finale is phenomenal. This season has taken the series to a whole new level, and you are going to be so tremendously happy that it has been renewed for another season. Bring on season four! “March 8, … [Read more...]

THE COMEDIANS Series Premiere Advance Review

The Comedians premieres on Thursday at 10/9c on FX. Billy Crystal and Josh Gad must learn to work together in this show within a show. It takes you behind-the-scenes of a fictional sketch comedy show. Billy and Josh play existential versions of themselves. The show is based on a Swedish series. “Pilot” – Billy Crystal and Josh Gad are reluctantly … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review: “Burned”

With only a small amount of episodes remaining, Justified makes every second count. Tonight’s episode is a thrill ride. “Get ready for the boom.” As some questions are answered new ones are posed in typical Justified fashion. There is just no replacing this show. “Burned” – Raylan and Boyd each test Ava’s loyalty, and Markham’s plans to win over … [Read more...]

VIKINGS Advance Review: “Mercenary”

Vikings returns tonight with an episode that is sure to get you excited about the new season. The season three premiere gives you a taste of everything that you love about the series: complex characters, betrayal, action, strong women, Ragnar’s award winning glances, Althelstan’s devotion, and Floki. “Mercenary” – Ragnar and Lagertha’s fleets … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review “Fate’s Right Hand”

The previous season of Justified set up its final season to surely go down as the most magnificent showdown of wits in television history. The unrivaled series will air its final season premiere tonight. It’s a bittersweet occasion. The premiere is painfully phenomenal. I’m not going to lie; I did get teary-eyed. The brilliant Garret Dillahunt … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Suits of Woe”

If you enjoyed last week’s earth-shattering episode of Sons of Anarchy you are in for another thrilling ride tonight. You will be left speechless, and the performances that come out of this episode alone are beyond award worthy. “Suits of Woe” – The SOA organization bears down on SAMCRO and Jax comes face to face with an ugly truth. Written by … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Faith and Despondency”

R.I.P. Bobby Munson! It was disheartening to watch the ending of that beautiful man last week. Thanks to Mark Boone Junior for giving us the best of everything. Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy is one for the record books. They dance among the darkest corners of human existence and what is unearthed will leave you breathless. The episode starts … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “What a Piece of Work Is Man”

Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy is one that you are not going to want to miss. It’s a meaty one. I don’t know about you but when packages get delivered to my door I now shudder. Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) is only a few weeks shy from appearing in a vintage Metallica video. They need to bring Bobby home stat. It’s heartbreaking to watch those … [Read more...]

STALKER Advance Review “Pilot”

Stalker, starring Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q, premieres tonight at 10/9c on CBS. Stalker is further proof that Kevin Williamson doesn’t want us to sleep EVER. Seriously, this is creepy on so many levels. It’s all too real and that is what adds to this skin-crawling thriller. I love you Kevin Williams for The Following and kind of hate you for … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Poor Little Lambs”

Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy is my favorite of the season so far and it’s not just because the ethereal Venus Van Dam (Walton Goggins) is back. Nero (Jimmy Smits) describes tonight’s episode perfectly, “Holy shit!” Yes, you will be saying that. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. “Poor Little Lambs” – A past effort to help one … [Read more...]

GOTHAM “Pilot” Advance Review

FOX will chase away your Monday night blues with the series premiere of Gotham and the season premiere of Sleepy Hollow. How can you go wrong with that combo? You just can’t. I’ve been looking forward to Gotham since the cast was announced. They had me at Donal Logue (Terriers), Ben McKenzie (Southland), and David Mazouz (Touch)—three of the very … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Black Widower”

Tonight marks the beginning of the end of one of the best shows on television, Sons of Anarchy. Tuesday nights will never be the same again. I honestly never thought I would even be interested in a series about a motorcycle club and yet, here I sit contemplating the end of something that has become so near and dear to me. Not only is the show … [Read more...]

THE BRIDGE Season Two Premiere Review “Yankee”

You are not going to want to miss the phenomenal season two premiere of The Bridge tonight on FX. I really enjoyed the first season but this season just goes for it. The premiere episode instantly finds its way directly under your skin and there it shall remain. “Yankee” – Sonya meets a man connected to her past as Marco discovers that he’s no … [Read more...]

PENNY DREADFUL Advance Review: “Séance”

If you enjoyed the premiere of Penny Dreadful, get ready to be amazed at what the second episode has planned for you. Of course, as viewers, we do not need to heed the warnings set fourth by Sir Malcolm; “Do not be amazed at anything you see, and don’t hesitate.” You can’t help but watch the series in pure amazement. It’s spectacular and flawlessly … [Read more...]

FARGO Series Premiere Review “The Crocodile’s Dilemma”

 Fargo premieres tonight on FX, and I can assure you that this is one series that you don’t want to miss. It features an all-new “true crime” mystery and a whole new intriguing cast of characters. This limited series is an original adaptation of the feature film. It does have a similar tone as the film, but that’s about it. The cast is phenomenal … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Season Five Finale Review “Restitution”

Tonight on the season five finale of Justified, a meticulously crafted conclusion is reached. This season has been phenomenal and it certainly ends on that note. It’s upsetting that we only have one more season to revel in the beautifully acted storytelling but the final season is sure to be monumental. “Restitution” –- Raylan has one shot at … [Read more...]

VIKINGS Review “Eye for an Eye”

Tonight’s episode of Vikings is a masterpiece. If you haven’t fallen in love with Athelstan already, just wait until tonight. George Blagden’s phenomenal performance will literally take your breath away. It’s one of those performances that will inspire people for years to come. Don’t even think about missing Vikings tonight at 10/9c on … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Review “Wrong Roads”

Tonight on Justified, Shakespeare happens. This season has been one of the best and tonight’s episode follows along that path. The incredible Eric Roberts (Bullet in the Face) guest stars. “Wrong Road” –- Raylan partners with a maverick DEA agent (Eric Roberts) whose bad behavior feels uncomfortably familiar, while Boyd makes a hard choice to … [Read more...]

VIKINGS Review “Brother’s War”

What happens when you pit brother against brother? You will find out on the season two premiere of Vikings, which airs tonight at 10/9c on History. The premiere doesn’t waste any time with sweet talk – things get hairy rather quickly. When you welcome Vikings into your home prepare to go on a dark, unprecedented journey. “Brother’s War” – Ragnar … [Read more...]

THE AMERICANS Review “Comrades”

Get your box of disguises ready because The Americans will be on your television tonight. If you enjoyed the first season of this period drama then get ready to delve deeper. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell reprise their roles as Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. The premiere doesn’t just politely remind you why you fell in love with the show - it … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Season Finale Advance Review “The Seven Wonders”

Are you ready to meet the new Supreme?  Tonight’s the night that we have all been waiting for, as bittersweet as it is.  The final chapter of American Horror Story: Coven is upon us.  What a glorious season of witches and obscene mayhem that would even make Tig blush.  “The Seven Wonders” – A new Supreme rises.  Tonight's episode is an extended … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Advance Review “Go to Hell”

Are you ready for the second to last episode of American Horror Story: Coven?  I can’t believe the season is almost over.  One of tonight’s highlights is the return of Papa Legba, played by Lance Reddick. “Go to Hell” – Cordelia’s latest vision puts the Coven’s future in question.  With the end of Fiona’s reign approaching, the girls manifest … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review “Good Intentions”

Tonight on Justified – Boyd says some things that he’s going to regret; Dewey gets schooled; and Raylan plays house with someone special.  Three episodes in and this is already becoming one of my favorite seasons of Justified. You are not going to want to miss a single minute.  Adding to my excitement, it was announced that the gorgeous Mary … [Read more...]

THE FOLLOWING Advance Review “Resurrection”

The Following returns tonight with a preview episode after the NFC Championship game and will return next Monday night, January 27, at 9/8c on FOX.  “Resurrection” is phenomenal and by far one of the creepiest episodes to date. In the season finale, Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) lost her life and Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) implemented swift … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Advance Review “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks”

American Horror Story: Coven returns tonight with an amazing episode featuring two very special guest stars - Stevie Nicks and Lance Reddick.  You are not going to want to miss this one.  “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” – Fiona attempts to out the new Supreme with a visit from Stevie Nicks.  Cordelia learns the truth about Hank and the Witch … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review “A Murder of Crowes”

Justified finally returns tonight with one hell of a season premiere.  David Koechner even guest stars as Deputy Sutter.  How fantastic is that?  You only need to watch one episode to realize exactly why Justified has such a loyal fanbase.  We have to remember Elmore Leonard, on this day, for sharing his stories with us.  His writing was unique and … [Read more...]


Tonight on American Horror Story: Coven, Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) attacker is revealed and she becomes a bit Bowie.  “Head” – Fiona (Jessica Lange) looks to form an alliance with Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett). Nan (Jamie Brewer) learns a disturbing truth about Luke’s (Alexander Dreymon) past. Written by Tim Minear; Directed by Howard … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “You Are My Sunshine”

Tonight’s penultimate episode of season six of Sons of Anarchy proves that lullabies are one of the many tools of the devil.  Charming is a mad but beautiful world.  “You Are My Sunshine” - As the dust begins to settle, Jax’s world is suddenly turned upside down.  Tonight’s episode was directed by Paris Barclay and written by Kurt Sutter, Kem Nunn, … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Advance Review “The Axeman Cometh”

Tonight on American Horror Story: Coven, an “invisible” man says hello and Cordelia’s new power brings her closer to the truth. Also, my favorite tortured soul is back. “The Axeman Cometh” – Zoe, Queenie, and Nan make contact with a dark spirit trapped in the Academy. Cordelia’s new power brings on a heartbreaking revelation. Written by Douglas … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Huang Wu”

Was last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy intense enough for you? Just when you start to get comfortable again another week of chaos presents itself. We haven’t signed on to watch the Sons of Knitting, so bring on the madness. Although, I’m sure knitting could get pretty ugly. All kidding aside, tonight’s episode puts everyone’s true colors on … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN Advance Review “Burn, Witch. Burn!”

Just when you thought American Horror Story: Coven couldn’t get any creepier, a delightful little tea party enters the picture. You win again Murphy; you win again. Denis O’Hare is the master of horror. Enjoy the silence and fear the teddy bears. Seriously, you can’t help but be in awe of Spalding and his loyalty to Fiona (Jessica Lange). Spalding … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “John 8:32”

Allow the characters to take you on a mystical journey of tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. “Shit happened.” “That’s some crazy ass shit.” That’s pretty much all you need to know. It’s just...WOW! “Jax learns new secrets that turn his world sideways.” That is clearly an understatement. After the hurt that rained down on the family last week, do … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review – “Los Fantasmas”

Sons of Anarchy has taken some pretty interesting turns this season.  Tara (Maggie Siff) has become a skilled master in the art of illusion.  I get that she has been pushed so far that she feels this is her only option, but there is always a price to be paid.  Is she ready for the dire consequences that will result when and if this plan blows up in … [Read more...]

DRACULA Series Premiere Advance Review

Dracula, it has been far too long but tonight you will be reborn and take on legendary form.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as Dracula in tonight’s series premiere of Dracula on NBC.  Finally, Jonathan is back on television.  His performance as King Henry VIII in The Tudors was remarkable. They could not have cast a better Dracula. Jonathan does a … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Poenitentia”

Sons of Anarchy has joined Rafi’s (The League) Domination League because seriously, this season is taking over television.  You couldn’t stop watching it even if you wanted to.  Tonight’s episode is full of irony, disgust, tragedy, action, insight, déjà vu, fringe, free range briefs, apologizing, creepy glares, and a few comical thrusts.  … [Read more...]

HOSTAGES Series Premiere Advance Review

Hostages is the thrilling new drama that you have all been waiting for.  It stars the brilliantly talented duo of Dylan McDermott and Toni Collette.  I’m elated that Dylan McDermott and Jerry Bruckheimer have joined forces again because the last time that they got together in television land Dark Blue was born.  I adored and still mourn the loss of … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “One One Six”

Sons of Anarchy returned last week with a record-breaking premiere.  The premiere explored some very dark and disturbing storylines.  Kurt is not one to shy away from controversy, but many say that he crossed the line.  Let me ask you this – If you don’t speak about something does it go away?  What would you tell someone who is so distraught that … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Season 6 Premiere Advance Review “Straw”

Sons of Anarchy is back this week with a premiere so unsettling that it will be the most talked about 90 minutes on television.  It visits one of the darkest places, but just hold your breath and let it go where it needs to go.  Cue The Seer from Vikings with a foreshadowing now you see moment.  “Straw” – As Jax continues to push the club into more … [Read more...]

THE LEAGUE Season 5 Premiere Advance Review “The Bachelor Draft” on FXX

The League returns tonight and it comes bearing guest star gifts.  The hilarious and handsome Adam Brody joins the gang and his character has some news to share.  I loved Adam as the “Dildo King” in House of Lies this season, and I’m not afraid to admit that I enjoyed him in Jennifer’s Body.  Okay, perhaps I should be a bit ashamed of that but he … [Read more...]

MANIAC Advance Film Review

If you were thinking about enjoying a relaxing night out on the town, or a delightful bubble bath, just remember that Frank (Elijah Wood) is everywhere.  He sees you and knows exactly where you live.  Maniac is one of those films that will have you questioning your every move.  How much do you really know about that person that you are chatting … [Read more...]

WILFRED Season Three Premiere Advance Review

Are you ready for a double dose of Wilfred tonight?  FX is starting the season off right with an extended feature of one of the most bizarre (one of my favorite words spoken with an Australian accent) comedies on television.  In the first episode, “Uncertainty” - “Ryan (Elijah Wood) and Wilfred (Jason Gann) search for Wilfred’s original owner.”  In … [Read more...]


After enlightening us with Walking on a Dream, the long-awaited second chapter from Empire of the Sun, Ice on the Dune, has arrived.  It will be released in its entirety on June 18.  Their first single, “Alive,” is just a small sample of the transcendental journey that you will be taken on.  Empire of the Sun’s music is a thing a beauty and with … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Entrée” NBC

Who is the Chesapeake Ripper?  Tonight on Hannibal you will meet Dr. Gideon, played by the glorious Eddie Izzard. When an opportunity arises it is acted upon with dire consequences.  I can’t help but praise Eddie for putting his own spin on Dr. Gideon.  No matter what role he takes on he always adds his unique flare to it.  Some actors try to do … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Amuse-Bouche” NBC

Last week’s premiere of Hannibal was only the beginning of what this intriguing series has in store for us.  Tonight’s episode is one of the most terrifying, yet visually stunning, episodes that I have seen so far.  The magnificent visual elements of this series can’t be praised enough.  When so many shows go straight for the overproduced … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Apéritif” NBC

Hannibal premieres tonight on NBC.  My initial thoughts regarding Hannibal was that it was either going to be extraordinary or dreadful.  It’s not a middle-of-the-road type of series.  I’m happy to report that the series was done properly and is, in fact, spectacular.  It starts out strong and five episodes in, you still have that original nervous … [Read more...]

VIKINGS Premiere Advance Review “Rites of Passage” History Channel

VIKINGS premieres tonight on History and I strongly urge you to watch this visually stunning masterpiece created by Michael Hirst. Travis Fimmel’s brilliant portrayal of Ragnar Lothbrok, in the first scene alone, was enough to sell the series to me. I’ve always been a fan of his work and his presence alongside Patrick Swayze in The Beast really … [Read more...]

THE AMERICANS Series Premiere Advance Review FX

The Americans premieres tonight on FX.  If you are a fan of spy dramas and have been longing for another glimpse of that spectacular fashion from the 1980s (high waisted GUESS jeans and bodysuits), this show is exactly what you have been waiting for.   Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star as Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, two KGB spies that have been … [Read more...]

SHAMELESS Advance Review “May I Trim Your Hedges?” Showtime

Last week on Shameless, Frank (William H. Macy) finally broke Debs (Emma Kenney).  Can you believe that he made that phone call?  Tonight Frank really earns his Father of the Year award.  “May I Trim Your Hedges?” is written by Krista Vernoff and directed by Steve Shill. Veronica (Shanola Hampton) and Kevin have some issues to work out regarding … [Read more...]

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM Season Finale Advance Review “Madness Ends” FX

Tonight we wrap up another incredible chapter of American Horror Story: Asylum.  What a magnificent journey our tour through the asylum has been.  We got a chance to witness the minds of madness and the maddening of minds.  At times it was almost too overwhelming to watch.  Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk know exactly what to do to make people crawl … [Read more...]

SHAMELESS Advance Review “The American Dream” Showtime

Shameless got off to a spectacular start last week and I can honestly tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet.  Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy) is just getting started.  He has been reborn into a scummier version of himself.  He takes things too far, even for Frank.  Tonight’s episode, “The American Dream,” is written by Nancy M. Pimental and … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review “Where’s Waldo” FX

Everybody loves Raylan (Timothy Olyphant); that is his gift and his curse.  In tonight’s episode of Justified – “Raylan finds himself facing off against a dangerous family who has been struggling to keep a dark secret hidden from everyone outside of their circle; Boyd encounters an eccentric preacher who routinely works with dangerous snakes.  … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Season Finale Advance Review “J’ai Obtenu Cette” FX

It’s hard to believe that tonight will be our last night in Charming until late next year.  Sons of Anarchy has shown us its darkest colors and the rivers of crimson will never subside.  Season five has been an arduous and intense journey.  “Keeping life beautiful” has never been so ugly.  “J’ai Obtenu Cette” – Jax strikes a deal while ridding … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Darthy” FX

Last week on Sons of Anarchy we met Donal Logue’s character and tonight we will get a proper introduction.  Jane’s Addiction fans get excited because Dave Navarro also has a guest-starring role that begins tonight.  If that isn’t enough for you the legendary Peter Weller directed tonight’s episode. “Darthy” –Jax makes arrangements to take the club … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “To Thine Own Self” FX

Sons of Anarchy doesn’t mess around when it comes to choosing guest stars.  This week, Donal Logue is added to its exceptional roster of talent this season.  Terriers fans will be delighted to see another one of their favorites join the cast, and I’m betting that we will get to see Donal’s character interact with Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar).  It’s … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Crucifixed” FX

Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy doesn’t stray from this season’s theme of blood, violence, and tears.  Oh yes, blood will be shed and in a cinematically beautiful way.  Guy Ferland did a brilliant job directing “Crucifixed.”  “Anticipating backlash, Jax goes into high gear with his own agenda.”  Written by Kem Nunn. Last week on Sons of … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Andare Pescare” FX

Every time I watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy this season I can’t help but think of that scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, “The Wondrous Boat Ride.” Being a fan of Sons of Anarchy is like always being on that scary boat ride.  You never know what direction Kurt is going to take you but you sure as hell know that you are going to … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review “Orca Shrugged” FX

Tonight on Sons of Anarchy, you will feast on something so intriguing that you will be forced to ask yourself a few questions.  Surprises are awesome and this one will not disappoint.  “Orca Shrugged” is my favorite episode of the season, so far, and possibly the series.  It’s everything that you love about Sons of Anarchy and features everyone at … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Advance Review – “Authority Vested” FX

Last week, Sons of Anarchy treated us to a premiere that we will never recover from and I have to say, that is exactly how you write a premiere.  There is no way that anyone who caught last week’s episode is not retuning this week.  This show is famous for grabbing hold of you and not giving you the option to get away.  I think it’s pretty funny … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Season 5 Premiere Advance Review – “Sovereign” 9/11 on FX

Sons of Anarchy comes back this week stronger than ever. The season five premiere is a reflection of how far the series and its stars have come.  There are performances, in this episode alone, that set the bar so high I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.  I know I’ve said this so many times before but this cast is … [Read more...]

BRANDX WITH RUSSELL BRAND Series Premiere Advance Review FX

BrandX with Russell Brand premieres tonight at 11 EST, wrapping up a sensational night of comedy on FX.  I have been looking forward to this show since it was announced.  I’m a huge Russell Brand fan and I was curious to see what he would bring to late night television.  I enjoyed Russell Brand’s take on late night immensely.  Even if you’re not a … [Read more...]

WILFRED Season 2 Premiere Advance Review “Letting Go” FX

Wilfred tempted you with “Progress” last week, but progress is overrated, or is it?  Ryan will just have to “keep digging.”  The official season two premiere kicks off Thursday night, right after Anger Management and before Louie on FX.  Jason Gann sexily slips on his trademark dog suit, at least that is how I imagine he does it because he is … [Read more...]

LOUIE Season 3 Premiere Advance Review “Something is Wrong” FX

The first five minutes of the season three premiere of Louie will forever change your view on vision correction.  Get ready to not see clearly, for a bit, because tears will be streaming down your face.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed that much.  Season three starts out in style, Thursday night on FX, with “Something is Wrong” – Louie has … [Read more...]

ANGER MANAGEMENT Series Premiere Advance Review FX

Charlie Sheen returns to series television as Charlie Goodson, a therapist specializing in anger management, in Anger Management on FX.  FX is airing two episodes on June 28, beginning at 9 EST. The show stars the beautiful Selma Blair (Hellboy) as Kate Wales, Charlie’s best friend, therapist, and therapist with benefits.  Shawnee Smith (Becker, … [Read more...]

Franklin & Bash Season 2 Premiere Advance Review “Strange Brew” TNT

Franklin & Bash are back, and they’ve still “got your back” when it comes to quality summer television.  If you enjoyed the first season of Franklin & Bash then I really don’t have to convince you to come back for another dose of awesomeness, but it never hurts to fall in love with Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul … [Read more...]

HOUSE OF LIES Season 1 Finale Advance Review “The Mayan Apocalypse” Showtime

Season one of House of Lies concludes tonight on Showtime and I know you’ve been waiting to see how the impending acquisition plays out.  I’m obviously not going to tell you how it ends but I will say that the Marty massacre preview clip, at the end of last week’s episode, is just a taste of what is in store for you tonight.  “The Mayan Apocalypse” … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED “Slaughterhouse” Season 3 Finale Advance Review

Justified wraps up season number three this week and Quarles isn’t the only one with something up his sleeve.  Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) discovers a harsh truth that will leave one relationship broken beyond repair. “Slaughterhouse” --  After the murder of his friend, Raylan is a man on fire as he after any – and everyone he holds responsible on … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED “Guy Walks Into a Bar”

This week on Justified, Quarles (Neal McDonough) tells Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) exactly what he is going to do to him.  Quarles certainly doesn’t hold anything back and I do mean that sincerely, you’ll see.  The ending says it all.  Quarles is one sick, sick, sick man.  That being said, this is my favorite episode for Quarles because you get to … [Read more...]

BREAKING IN “The Contra Club”

Breaking In is back and off to an explosive start.  Oh, how I have longed to say those words. I said I wouldn’t believe that FOX was actually bringing it back until it was officially on my television. I just watched the season two premiere screener and unless they are pranking us, Tuesday night will be a special night for all of us Breaking In … [Read more...]

HOUSE M.D. “Nobody’s Fault” Airs February 6, 2012

FOX PRESS RELEASE:  "Nobody's Fault" HOUSE’S PROCESS IS PUT ON TRIAL WHEN A CHEMICAL REACTION TRIGGERS AN EXPLOSIVE AND LIFE-THREATENING SITUATION ON AN ALL-NEW “HOUSE” MON FEB 6 8/7c.  House and the team are placed under review by Dr. Walter Cofield (guest star Jeffrey Wright), Foreman's former mentor, after a violent incident involving a … [Read more...]

NORTHEAST MOTORCYCLE EXPO Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA

I attended the Northeast Motorcycle Expo in Boston, MA over the weekend. Kim Coates and Mark Boone Junior from Sons of Anarchy were there both days signing autographs and meeting with their fans. It was great to watch fans react to seeing them in person. I witnessed several grown men run up to the booth screaming, “Tig and Bobby,” like little … [Read more...]

TOUCH Series Premiere Advance Review

FOX PRESS RELEASE:  From writer/creator Tim Kring ("Heroes," "Crossing Jordan") and executive producers Peter Chernin (TERRA NOVA) and Katherine Pope (TERRA NOVA) comes TOUCH, a preternatural drama in which science and spirituality intersect with the hopeful premise that we are all interconnected, tied in invisible ways to those whose lives we are … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Season 3 Premiere Advance Review

Justified is finally back and the season premiere, “The Gunfighter,” is just the beginning of a very riveting third season.  I know we have all missed Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and his hat, Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) and his ABCs, and the rest of this compelling cast.  Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale) may not be there physically but her … [Read more...]

SOUTHLAND Season 4 Premiere Advance Review

SouthLAnd returns this week and trust me, this is one hell of a premiere.  This is what all premieres should strive to be like.  If the premiere is this incredible then I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us.  SouthLAndis a true masterpiece, unique and full of raw emotion that no other show can top.  Of course it helps … [Read more...]


What an amazing year of television, so I joined forces with Valerie Leung to put together a best of 2011 list for you. BEST NEW TELEVISION SERIES OF 2011 Wilfred (FX) Wilfred stars Elijah Wood as Ryan, the man who sees Wilfred as a bloke in a dog suit when everyone else sees him as an actual dog, and Jason Gann as Wilfred, the man/dog. … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Season Four Finale Episode 14

Tonight is THE night that you have all been longing for and dreading, all at the same time.  It closes out the most compelling season of Sons of Anarchy to date but don’t worry, it leaves the door open for a potentially mind-blowing season five.    “To Be, Act 2” – Jax must overcome great obstacles as he attempts to finalize the deal between the … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “To Be, Act 1”

As I’m watching the finale episodes of the season, I can’t help but feel sorry for the people that have not invited Sons of Anarchy into their lives.   Oh, how they are missing out on such monumental portrayals of love, leadership, loss, betrayal and male nudity. Please keep in mind that I am only talking about what occurs in the first act.  They … [Read more...]


FX Press Release: American Horror Story, co-created by former Nip/Tuck executive producers and current Glee co-creators/executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, revolves around The Harmons, a family of three who move from Boston to Los Angeles as a means to reconcile past anguish. The All Star cast features Dylan McDermott (The Practice) … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Kiss”

“Kiss” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 9 Advance Review, Airing 11/1/2011 Last week we lost one of the good guys and co-founder of the Sons of Anarchy, Piermont “Piney” Winston, so let us take a moment to celebrate his life.  What was your favorite Piney moment?  William Lucking did a beautiful job bringing him to life for four seasons. Piney … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Family Recipe”

“Family Recipe” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 8 Advance Review, Airing 10/25/2011 Tonight’s Sons of Anarchy episode is season finale incredible but we still have five more to go, so I can’t even begin to imagine how this season is going to wrap up.   Chucky (Michael Marisi Ornstein) provides some much needed comic relief and proves that he is … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Fruit for the Crows”

“Fruit for the Crows” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 7 Advance Review, Airing 10/18/2011 This season of Sons of Anarchy is really starting to get intense and last week was just the beginning of what is to come.  We said goodbye to Miles (Frank Potter) and now Juice (Theo Rossi) has to deal with what he has done.  Juice isn’t like the others … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “With an X”

“With an X” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 6 Advance Review, Airing 10/11/2011 If you thought last week was intense, just wait until you visit Charming this week.  The tension is beyond excruciating and some things you just can’t come back from.  This is my favorite episode of the season, so far because it is a game changer and things go … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Episode Review “Hands”

“Hands” Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 10 Advance Review, Airing 11/8/2011 Tonight’s episode of Sons of Anarchy can be summed up in one very loud word, WOW!  Just when you thought this season couldn’t get any more intense, in walks episode number ten and all hell literally breaks loose.  Well done is all I have to say to everyone involved in … [Read more...]

REAL STEEL Opened October 7th and Stars Karl Yune, Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo & Evangeline Lilly

REAL STEEL is an action-packed, beautifully crafted adventure that will surpass all of your expectations.  I went in thinking it would be a decent film but even I was not prepared for the amount of praise that I would be uttering about this phenomenal motion picture.  Real Steel was actually recommended to me by the superbly talented actor that … [Read more...]

THE LEAGUE Season Three Premiere Advance Review

THE LEAGUE returns tonight and they brought backup, Seth Rogen guest stars as Dirty Randy.  I hate sports but I love this show.  Taco, played by the stunning Jon Lajoie, is my favorite character and Taco has been very busy exploring the world, more on that later.  Ruxin (Nick Kroll) is celebrating the reign of Ruxin.  I can’t stand Ruxin and I am … [Read more...]