‘Hannibal’ preview

Will Hannibal finally get his just desserts? You’ll have to watch the penultimate episode at 10/9c to find out. Only two episodes left! It seems like this season just started. I've been enjoying it immensely. Don't miss tonight's episode on NBC. Tome-Wan - With only two episodes left this season, get a look at Friday's Hannibal, entitled … [Read more...]

‘Hannibal’ has been renewed – Watch a preview of tonight’s episode

Hannibal has been renewed! Watch a preview of tonight's episode. Will continues to develop his dangerous relationship with Hannibal at 10/9c. Michael Pitt was sensational last week. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him tonight. Ko No Mono - Will continues to develop his dangerous relationship with Hannibal Lecter. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips – Michael Pitt guest stars on ‘Hannibal’

Tonight at 9/8c, see for yourself why there’s nothing more dangerous than a Grimm in training. Then, if you can’t beat Hannibal, join him as you follow Will’s journey into darkness at 10/9c. You are not going to want to miss Michael Pitt in tonight's episode of Hannibal. I've been waiting for him all season. Hannibal is one of the best series on … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Tonight on NBC, there’s another Grimm in town at 9/8c and all we can say is, #HereComesTrubel. Then, save room for a new episode of Hannibal at 10/9c. Jeremy Davies from Justified is back tonight. He was incredible in last week's episode. Chasing Trubel - On the next Grimm, Nick pursues a suspect that comes with a shocking … [Read more...]