JUSTIFIED “Ghosts” Preview Clip FX

"Ghosts” Raylan has a last, lethal showdown with the Detroit mob, while Boyd and Ava try to keep an incriminating secret dead and buried.   … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED “Money Trap”

Raylan finds himself caught between a foxy grifter and an old nemesis out for revenge, while Boyd and Ava come face-to-face with the decadence of Harlan's elite.   … [Read more...]

Justified “Quick Shot”

Why question a suspect at the station when you can do this instead? Justified, Tuesdays at 10p only on FX.   … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED “Foot Chase”

“Foot Chase” Raylan's discovery of a severed foot sets off a race against time, while Boyd and Ava work to break into Harlan high society.   … [Read more...]

JUSTIFIED Advance Review “Where’s Waldo” FX

Everybody loves Raylan (Timothy Olyphant); that is his gift and his curse.  In tonight’s episode of Justified – “Raylan finds himself facing off against a dangerous family who has been struggling to keep a dark secret hidden from everyone outside of their circle; Boyd encounters an eccentric preacher who routinely works with dangerous snakes.  … [Read more...]