Exclusive Interview: Steve Schirripa talks Uncle Steve’s Sauce, ‘Blue Bloods,’ ‘The Sopranos’ and more

I spoke with Steve Schirripa about Uncle Steve’s Italian Specialties, Blue Bloods, The Sopranos, and so much more. Steve plays Anthony in the hit show Blue Bloods. The last episode featured a tidbit from Anthony’s past that led to some pretty great lines. I’m looking forward to Friday’s all-new episode. Of course, everyone knows Steve as Bobby from … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Mark Boone Junior “Bobby” Interview

Mark Boone Junior discusses the new season of Sons of Anarchy, what is next for Bobby, and so much more. It’s always so much fun to speak with Mark.  He’s one of the nicest gentlemen with the prettiest locks that you will ever meet.  I still can’t thank Mark and Kim Coates enough for staying at an event late just so I could interview them.  They … [Read more...]