Exclusive AMERICA’S WORST TATTOOS Megan Massacre Interview

I spoke with the incredibly talented Megan Massacre about America’s Worst Tattoos, which airs Thursday nights on TLC. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with her and find out more about the show, her art, Letz Massacre, and more. Don’t miss a single episode of her show. America’s Worst Tattoos airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on TLC. Lena:  I … [Read more...]

COMBICHRIST Live May 6, 2011 at The Palladium in Worcester, MA

COMBICHRIST is never a letdown live and this show was no exception.   Andy LaPlegua is a marvelous front man and made the most out of this very intimate setting.  I loved watching the Norwegian powerhouse slither across the stage.  Andy was so full of charisma and he enthralled the audience with his menacing grins.  The crowd ate it up and demanded … [Read more...]

MORTIIS Exclusive Interview, Mortiis touring with Combichrist

MORTIIS MORTIIS Interview March 26, 2011 By Ben Tourkantonis MORTIIS Press Release:  OSLO, Norway - Following a wildly success European tour, Mortiis will once again team up with Combichrist for another round of dates in the UK this summer. "We haven´t played the UK in a while, it feels great to finally be able to get back over there and meet … [Read more...]

JERICCO Interview with Luke Halstead and Nice To See You is Out Now

JERICCO LUKE HALSTEAD Interview February 13, 2011 By Lena Lamoray JERICCO Press Release: From the opening bars of the juggernaut that is their debut self titled EP, it was clear in 2009 that Melbourne based progressive rock outfit Jericco possess a sound and wisdom that is both ancient and eclectic in its origins. It is now 2010 and Jericco … [Read more...]