Tonight Show With Jay Leno Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper, Part 1 Cyndi Lauper on her visit to the White House and what Obama said to her about Lady Gaga. Cyndi Lauper, Part 2 Cyndi Lauper on writing Kinky Boots and what the play is about. Lazaro Arbos Performs Watch video highlights from Thursday's monologue. … [Read more...]

SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS & Nico Vega Live Photos & Review The Paradise Boston, MA

SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS NICO VEGA BREED LOVE The Paradise in Boston, MA April 2010 SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS Live Show Review and Live Photos by Lena Lamoray SEMI PRECIOUS WEAPONS live at The Paradise in Boston, MA and all I have to say is they are the reason why I am a concert photographer. I forgot how awesome it is to be challenged by the pure … [Read more...]