Tonight Show with Jay Leno Carson Daly and Animal Expert Dave Salmoni

Carson Daly, Part 1 Jay is Carson Daly's father? Carson Daly, Part 2 Carson Daly on traveling to Minnesota for Christmas. Animal Expert Dave Salmoni, Part 1 Dave Salmoni shares a small cat, a big cat, and snakes with Jay. Animal Expert Dave Salmoni, Part 2 Dave Salmoni shares an Egyptian vulture and a camel with … [Read more...]

NBC Coverage John C. Reilly in Cyrus, Earthquake, Adam Carolla, Oil Spill Relief, Jason Segel, Vice President Joe Biden and More

Tonight show: John C. Reilly talks Australia, Cyrus & Arms Falling Asleep Earthquake!  Celebs React To Earthquake During Show Taping Dave Salmoni with a lemur and a penguin and an alpaca and demos how alpaca hair helps with oil spill relief. Adam Carolla: Jackass of the Month One couple was lucky enough to be married on stage on by … [Read more...]