‘Brockmire’ preview

Tonight at 10/9c on IFC, don't miss an all-new episode of Brockmire.   Learn about the birds, bees and ball gags when Lucy returns. #Brockmire tonight at 10P pic.twitter.com/hbfdrpXnAJ — IFC (@IFC) April 19, 2017 … [Read more...]

‘Brockmire’ preview

Tonight at 10/9c on IFC, don't miss the series premiere of Brockmire.   Grab some crackerjacks and a cold one. Watch the series premiere of #Brockmire NOW before it airs April 5th on @IFC. https://t.co/1BL08SycbY pic.twitter.com/AEWQEXN5Rk — Brockmire (@BrockmireIFC) March 27, 2017 Like Brockmire on Facebook: … [Read more...]

MANIAC Advance Film Review

If you were thinking about enjoying a relaxing night out on the town, or a delightful bubble bath, just remember that Frank (Elijah Wood) is everywhere.  He sees you and knows exactly where you live.  Maniac is one of those films that will have you questioning your every move.  How much do you really know about that person that you are chatting … [Read more...]

Exclusive BULLET IN THE FACE Max Williams Interview IFC

I spoke with the incredibly talented Max Williams about his leading role as Gunter Vogler in Bullet in the Face. It’s difficult to put in words the brilliant job that Max does portraying Gunter.  The amount of charisma that is displayed is amazing.  He plays a sociopath with such elegance and beauty that it is almost scary.  Having just seen him … [Read more...]

Exclusive BULLET IN THE FACE Neil Napier Interview IFC

I spoke with Neil Napier from Bullet in the Face.  Neil plays Lt. Karl Hagerman in my new favorite show on IFC that is sure to be a viewing experience that no one will ever forget, Bullet in the Face.  I absolutely adore the show and all of the actors that portray these intriguing characters.  Neil Napier, Eddie Izzard, Max Williams, Kate Kelton, … [Read more...]

Exclusive BULLET IN THE FACE Kate Kelton Interview IFC

I spoke with the gorgeous Kate Kelton about her new series on IFC, Bullet in the Face.  It was an absolute honor to speak with the multi-talented star.  In Bullet in the Face she shares the most incredible screen time with Eddie Izzard.  Her scenes with Eddie were so hilarious that I pretty much cried every time they spoke to each other.  Kate … [Read more...]

The Influences Behind Bullet in the Face

An inside look at the influences that help shape the new series Bullet in the Face. … [Read more...]

Bullet in the Face Wrap Yourself in Jewels and Kill Her

An exclusive clip from IFC’s six part series, ‘Bullet in the Face.’ Coming to IFC on August 16th and 17th … [Read more...]