Pre-order ‘Orbs: They are Among Us’ starring Patrick G. Keenan, Christy Johnson and David Joy

May 11th, 1977, NASA launched their last Apollo Mission, Apollo 21. What was discovered has never been publicly acknowledged and is believed to be one of the  biggest Government cover-ups in history. Did the men on this mission experience an Alien encounter Now 37 years later, Wilbur, one of the former astronauts who  led Apollo 21, is haunted by … [Read more...]

‘Between Hell and a Hard Place’ trailer starring Patrick G. Keenan

In case you've been driving around out in the desert looking for that perfect spot to bury a body and couldn't get decent wifi reception, MONSTERCON 2014 will be the WORLD PREMIERE of Between Hell And A Hard Place. Written and directed by Jaysen Buterin (THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO BOOZE, BULLETS & HOT PINK JESUS) and starring Patrick G. Keenan, … [Read more...]