Ryan Matthew Cohn Exclusive Interview ODDITIES Season Finale Tonight on Science Channel, Chloe Sevigny Guest Stars

ODDITIES Ryan Matthew Cohn Interview ODDITIES Saturdays at 10 PM EST on Science Channel www.RyanMatthewOddities.com www.AgainstNatureNYC.com Photo credits:  Sergio Royzen and Sara Gage Interview by Lena Lamoray June 5, 2011 ODDITIES Press Release from the Science Channel:  Where can you go when you’re in dire need of a used straight … [Read more...]

Korn III Debuts at #2 on Billboard Top 200, Rock Star Energy Drink Mayhem Fest Tour

 KORN III: REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE DEBUTS AT #2 ON BILLBOARD TOP 200 INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS TOP LAST RELEASE STATS New York, NY: Korn’s ninth studio album, Korn III: Remember Who You Are, which Spin described as “packing pain by the pound,” debuted today at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 sales charts. The album sold 63,000 copies. The album also … [Read more...]