MTV 2012 Movie Awards Winners and Highlights

  BEST ON-SCREEN DIRTBAG WINNER Jennifer Aniston Horrible Bosses Directed by Seth Gordon Man-eating, nymphomaniac dentist Jennifer Aniston is out to corner her assistant Charlie Day, using seriously aggressive intimidation tactics. BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE WINNER Shailene Woodley The Descendants Directed by Alexander Payne In … [Read more...]

Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week: Magic Mike

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Katy Perry Part Of Me Exclusives From The 2012 MTV Movie Awards

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Tom Cruise Talks Les Grossman, Knight and Day & Jennifer Lopez, Twilight Eclipse Star Bryce Dallas Howard

Tom Cruise talks about Les Grossman, Knight and Day, Dancing with Jennifer Lopez  at the MTV Movie Awards Bryce Dallas Howard from Twilight Eclipse, Killzone 3 Demo, America’s Got Talent, 100 Questions, Watch the videos & more WWW.LENALAMORAY.COM … [Read more...]