‘Emerald City’ preview

Tonight at 9/8c on NBC, don't miss the series premiere of Emerald City.   Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? #EmeraldCity pic.twitter.com/i63ign97xC — Emerald City (@NBCEmeraldCity) November 23, 2016 … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview: Mido Hamada discusses Emerald City

I spoke with Mido Hamada about his role as Eamonn on Emerald City, which premieres Friday on NBC. Eamonn is The Wizard’s most trusted confidant and loyal servant. He stars alongside Vincent D’Onofrio, whose portrayal of The Wizard is extraordinary. Mido also spoke about his work with Wolf Connection and his new Starz series Counterpart. Counterpart … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Check out two sneak peeks of tonight’s episode of Grimm. A Wesen street gang is wreaking havoc on Portland, and the only thing more deadly than a Wesen is a gang of Wesen. Then, The Order’s hunt for Dracula intensifies tonight at 10/9c. Sneak Peek: "Eyes of the Beholder" Nick and Hank find themselves in the middle of a Wesen street … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Thank Grimm It’s Friday! We have just thing to start your day off right – two sneak peeks of tonight’s episode. Then, Dracula’s secret is coming to light tonight at 10/9c; start preparing now with the intense preview below. And don’t miss Saturday Night Live tomorrow with host AND musical guest Lady Gaga! Two's Company Monroe and Rosalee … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Dracula’ preview clips

Add a little fright to your Friday with a new Grimm that reignites the oldest rivalry in the book. Then, discover how Dracula was condemned to eternal life tonight at 10/9c on NBC. Sneak Peek: "A Dish Best Served Cold" - Nick and Hank investigate a bewildering incident involving exploding Blutbaden. Closet Space - Monroe offers Rosalee a … [Read more...]

DRACULA Series Premiere Advance Review

Dracula, it has been far too long but tonight you will be reborn and take on legendary form.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as Dracula in tonight’s series premiere of Dracula on NBC.  Finally, Jonathan is back on television.  His performance as King Henry VIII in The Tudors was remarkable. They could not have cast a better Dracula. Jonathan does a … [Read more...]

Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks ‘Dracula’ – ‘Dracula’ and ‘Grimm’ premiere tonight on NBC

Dracula: Seal the Deal - The legend is reborn. Dracula premieres Friday, October 25 at 10/9c on NBC. Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks Dracula - Jonathan Rhys Meyers talks about his role on NBC's Dracula. Dracula: The Character - Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers discusses the titular character in NBC's Dracula, premiering Friday, October 25 on … [Read more...]

GRIMM and DRACULA previews plus interviews with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and David Giuntoli

Are you ready to add a little fright to your Friday nights? Grimm returns in one week at 9/8c followed by the premiere of Dracula at 10/9c. To gear up for next week, we have your first look at Grimm Season 3, plus an interview with David Giuntoli on his new role as Zombie Nick. Then, enter Dracula’s world with the preview below, plus a … [Read more...]