Exclusive Interview: Arjun Gupta discusses ‘The Magicians’

I spoke with Arjun Gupta about The Magicians. Arjun brings Penny to life in the Syfy series. Don’t let Penny’s tough exterior fool you because he has probably put himself on the line, both physically and mentally, more than anyone else in the group. Arjun was wonderful to speak with. He proved that even boring shopping lists sound cool when he … [Read more...]

Git Fresh, Miami’s Latest Export

GET READY FOR GIT FRESH!!! MIAMI'S LATEST EXPORT!‏ Roc4life.com Can Miami get any hotter than what it already is? Yes, it can. Thanks to Def Jam's newest group Git Fresh, everyone will get a taste of what Miami Rap/Pop has to offer. Pretty $ly, Penny, and Rude Boi sing over the classic Suzanne Vega's "Tom's Diner" sample talking about … [Read more...]