DANZIG In-Store Signings, New Release June 22, Tour Dates, On A Wicked Night MP3 Download Now

DANZIG HITS THE ROAD Special Nine City Tour to Usher in the Release of Deth Red Sabaoth Begins Three In-Store Signings June 19, 21, and 24 DANZIG: DETH RED SABOTH (The End Records; June 22) Glenn Danzig, at the forefront of the hardcore/dark metal movement for nearly three decades, recently announced a special nine-city … [Read more...]

Danzig, New CD Available at Upcoming Concerts Before the Release Date

NEW DANZIG CD AVAILABLE AT UPCOMING CONCERTS BEFORE RELEASE DATE Collector's Edition CD Single as Special Bonus with Purchase of New CD DANZIG: DETH RED SABOTH (The End Records; June 22) As if nine, special tour dates to usher in the release of Deth Red Sabaoth wasn't enough, the Danzig June concerts trek just got even … [Read more...]