SUITS Season 3 Premiere Advance Review – “The Arrangement” – USA Network

They say a secret is a secret only if nobody else but you know about it. For the past two years, Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams), his boss Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his forever loyal assistant Donna (Sarah Rafferty) have tried to keep the fact that Mike never went to law school a secret from the rest of the world. The truth came out when … [Read more...]

SUITS Advance Review “Blood in the Water” USA Network

Actions have consequences.  Mike (Patrick J Adams) is finally heeding Harvey’s (Gabriel Macht) advice to clean up his act.  First went the married former girlfriend, Tess, and now he reluctantly farewells his stash of weed from his apartment. Unfortunately, Harvey is still in a bad mood after the romantic weekend he had planned to woo Zoe failed to … [Read more...]

SUITS Season 2 Winter Premiere Advance Review “Blind-Sided” USA Network

In the aftermath of the war between Daniel Hardman and Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), the firm of Pearson Hardman is trying to return to normal, and this means Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) and his assistant-extraordinaire, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) are back where they belong.  Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), having had his brief moment in the sun when … [Read more...]

SUITS Season 2 Summer Finale Advance Review “High Noon” USA Network

It’s the final showdown at Pearson Hardman. Since Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) made Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) a senior partner at the firm on the eve of the managing partnership vote, all eyes are on Louis to see if he will choose Daniel or Jessica (Gina Torres). Ever since Daniel’s return to the firm, he has been showering Louis with the love … [Read more...]

SUITS Season 2 Premiere Advance Review “She Knows” USA Network

When Suits wrapped its freshman season, we were left with the question of just how vindictive Mike Ross’ (Patrick J. Adams) former best friend, Trevor (Tom Lipinski), is after discovering Mike was now dating his ex-girlfriend, Jenny (Vanessa Ray).  The “reformed” drug dealer suited up, went to Pearson Hardman, and sought out Jessica Pearson (Gina … [Read more...]