‘Hannibal’ preview

Will Hannibal finally get his just desserts? You’ll have to watch the penultimate episode at 10/9c to find out. Only two episodes left! It seems like this season just started. I've been enjoying it immensely. Don't miss tonight's episode on NBC. Tome-Wan - With only two episodes left this season, get a look at Friday's Hannibal, entitled … [Read more...]

‘Hannibal’ has been renewed – Watch a preview of tonight’s episode

Hannibal has been renewed! Watch a preview of tonight's episode. Will continues to develop his dangerous relationship with Hannibal at 10/9c. Michael Pitt was sensational last week. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him tonight. Ko No Mono - Will continues to develop his dangerous relationship with Hannibal Lecter. … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips – Michael Pitt guest stars on ‘Hannibal’

Tonight at 9/8c, see for yourself why there’s nothing more dangerous than a Grimm in training. Then, if you can’t beat Hannibal, join him as you follow Will’s journey into darkness at 10/9c. You are not going to want to miss Michael Pitt in tonight's episode of Hannibal. I've been waiting for him all season. Hannibal is one of the best series on … [Read more...]

‘Grimm’ and ‘Hannibal’ preview clips

Tonight on NBC, there’s another Grimm in town at 9/8c and all we can say is, #HereComesTrubel. Then, save room for a new episode of Hannibal at 10/9c. Jeremy Davies from Justified is back tonight. He was incredible in last week's episode. Chasing Trubel - On the next Grimm, Nick pursues a suspect that comes with a shocking … [Read more...]

‘Hannibal’ at San Diego Comic-Con

With the 2nd season of Hannibal having just been picked-up by NBC, Katie O’Connell, CEO of Gaumont International Television, announced today that the company will be attending the upcoming Comic Con Convention in San Diego, CA and will be hosting a Hannibal-themed panel on Thursday, July 18th from 6:45pm – 7:45pm in Room 6A.   The panel, … [Read more...]

‘Hannibal’ finale highlights

Still in shock from last night’s Hannibal finale? Check out the heart-stopping highlight below. See - After months of investigation and now a fugitive himself, Will realizes he isn't the copycat killer... Hannibal is. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL preview clip – Watch an all-new episode tonight on NBC

Will a Killer? With just two episodes remaining, Will finds himself under serious suspicion. Hannibal's manipulations have Jack suspecting that Will is a copycat serial killer. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL preview clip – Watch Eddie Izzard in “Roti” tonight on NBC

Diabolical Doctor - Dr. Gideon's escape puts Hannibal in a unique position. Eddie Izzard guest stars tonight at 10/9c on NBC. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL preview clip – Watch “Buffet Froid” tonight on NBC

Losing Track of Time - Will's condition deteriorates on Hannibal, Thursday at 10/9c on NBC. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL preview clips – Watch “Trou Normand” tonight on NBC

The Edge of Sanity Will's fears appear to be coming true. Abigail's Bad Idea Hannibal and Will have concerns when it comes to Abigail's book on Hannibal, Thursday at 10/9c on NBC. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL preview clip – “Sorbet” – Gillian Anderson guest stars in tonight’s episode on NBC

Sorbet Preview - Will and Jack hunt a ruthless serial killer who harvests the organs of his victims. Gillian Anderson guest stars. … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Entrée” NBC

Who is the Chesapeake Ripper?  Tonight on Hannibal you will meet Dr. Gideon, played by the glorious Eddie Izzard. When an opportunity arises it is acted upon with dire consequences.  I can’t help but praise Eddie for putting his own spin on Dr. Gideon.  No matter what role he takes on he always adds his unique flare to it.  Some actors try to do … [Read more...]

Hannibal preview clip – Eddie Izzard guest stars in tomorrow night’s episode on NBC

Eddie Izzard guest stars as a man who may be responsible for a series of horrendous murders. Entree Preview … [Read more...]

Hannibal web series and a preview of tonight’s episode on NBC

Hannibal Fans rejoice – now there’s even more to savor with Bryan Fuller’s newly released web series, “Ceuf” which explores Hannibal Lector’s relationships with Abigail Hobbs and Will Graham.  Below, you’ll find all six parts, as well an all-new preview of this week’s delicious new episode! Ceuf Part 1 Bryan Fuller intros "Ceuf," a web series … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Amuse-Bouche” NBC

Last week’s premiere of Hannibal was only the beginning of what this intriguing series has in store for us.  Tonight’s episode is one of the most terrifying, yet visually stunning, episodes that I have seen so far.  The magnificent visual elements of this series can’t be praised enough.  When so many shows go straight for the overproduced … [Read more...]

HANNIBAL Advance Review “Apéritif” NBC

Hannibal premieres tonight on NBC.  My initial thoughts regarding Hannibal was that it was either going to be extraordinary or dreadful.  It’s not a middle-of-the-road type of series.  I’m happy to report that the series was done properly and is, in fact, spectacular.  It starts out strong and five episodes in, you still have that original nervous … [Read more...]