Ryan Matthew Cohn Exclusive Interview ODDITIES Season Finale Tonight on Science Channel, Chloe Sevigny Guest Stars

ODDITIES Ryan Matthew Cohn Interview ODDITIES Saturdays at 10 PM EST on Science Channel www.RyanMatthewOddities.com www.AgainstNatureNYC.com Photo credits:  Sergio Royzen and Sara Gage Interview by Lena Lamoray June 5, 2011 ODDITIES Press Release from the Science Channel:  Where can you go when you’re in dire need of a used straight … [Read more...]

LIGHTS OUT Advance Episode Review, War, Season Finale Tonight on FX

LIGHTS OUT Season One Finale Advance Review “War” Airing April 5, 2011 Watch LIGHTS OUT on Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on FX April 3, 2011 By Lena Lamoray LIGHTS OUT FX OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE:  Lights Out, from Executive Producer/Showrunner Warren Leight (In Treatment, Law & Order Criminal Intent), stars Holt McCallany (CSI: Miami) as … [Read more...]

New Season of SOUTHLAND, TNT Renews Acclamied Drama Series SOUTHLAND

TNT Renews Acclaimed Drama Series SOUTHLAND TNT’s critically acclaimed drama series SOUTHLAND will return for a fourth season. TNT has ordered 10 new episodes of the gritty, realistic cop drama, which wrapped up its third season March 8. SOUTHLAND stars Michael Cudlitz (Band of Brothers, A River Runs Through It), Shawn Hatosy (Dexter, Public … [Read more...]

Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie Interview SOUTHLAND Finale Tonight on TNT

SOUTHLAND MICHAEL CUDLITZ and BEN McKENZIE Interview “Officer John Cooper” and “Officer Ben Sherman” SouthLAnd Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on TNT March 7, 2011 By Lena Lamoray About Southland From Emmy Award winners John Wells, Ann Biderman and Chris Chulack comes a raw and authentic look at a police unit in Los Angeles. From the beaches … [Read more...]

SOUTHLAND Advance Review Season 3 Finale Tuesday on TNT

SOUTHLAND Season Three Finale Advance Episode Review “Graduation Day” Airing March 8, 2011 Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on TNT March 6, 2011 By Lena Lamoray About Southland From Emmy Award winners John Wells, Ann Biderman and Chris Chulack comes a raw and authentic look at a police unit in Los Angeles. From the beaches of Malibu to the … [Read more...]

HENRY WINKLER Interview Royal Pains Season Finale Tonight on USA Network

ROYAL PAINS HENRY WINKLER Interview “Eddie R. Lawson” ROYAL PAINS Thursdays at 9 PM EST on USA NETWORK February 23, 2011 By Lena Lamoray PRESS RELEASE: USA NETWORK PREMIERES WINTER SEASON OF LAST SUMMER’S #1 SHOW “ROYAL PAINS” PREMIERING THURSDAY, JANUARY 20 AT 9/8c. USA will premiere the second season continuation of ROYAL PAINS, the best … [Read more...]

PSYCH Season Finale Tonight, Yin 3 in 2D, at 10 EST on USA Network

PSYCH  season finale TONIGHT at 10/9c; the conclusion to the Yin/Yang trilogy with “Yin 3 in 2D” at 10/9c. The Yin/Yang trilogy comes to a thrilling close as Shawn and Gus race to save a woman kidnapped by Yin. Only this time, they are forced to use Yang's knowledge of Yin to solve the case by allowing her to accompany them on the … [Read more...]

BURN NOTICE season four two hour finale tonight at 9 EST on USA Network

BURN NOTICE Season 4 Finale 9 EST USA Network, tonight!  Two, all new, back to back episodes start at 9 on Thursday night with “Out of the Fire” at 9 and “Last Stand” at 10. Finale Synopsis Michael's ruthless enemy Brennan vows to release a valuable piece of data if Michael doesn't carry out a specific task: killing off government agents. … [Read more...]

THE CW NETWORK Unveils Midseason Schedule SUPERNATURAL, The Vampire Diaries and more

THE CW NETWORK UNVEILS MIDSEASON SCHEDULE  All-New Episodes Return Week of January 24 HELLCATS Roars to Tuesday Nights at 9PM Beginning January 25  AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL Returns Wednesday, February 23, Followed by the Series Premiere of SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING  Special Season Finale of LIFE UNEXPECTED in Back-to-Back Episodes, … [Read more...]

TERRIERS season finale advance episode review, Hail Mary airing tonight at 10 PM EST on FX

TERRIERS Season One Episode Thirteen, Season Finale Review “Hail Mary” Airing December 1, 2010 Watch TERRIERS on Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on FX December 1, 2010 By Lena Lamoray TERRIERS FX PRESS RELEASE: Terriers from Creator/Executive Producer Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven, Matchstick Men) and Executive Producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield), … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY Interview, Kenny Johnson stars as Kozik

SONS OF ANARCHY KENNY JOHNSON Interview Kenny Johnson Stars as “Kozik” in SONS OF ANARCHY Watch SONS OF ANARCHY on Tuesday Nights at 10 PM EST on FX November 30, 2010 By Lena Lamoray FX NETWORK PR: Kenny Johnson, who we all remember from another FX series, The Shield. He plays Kozik and his character was a member of SAMCRO in the Tacoma, … [Read more...]

SONS OF ANARCHY advance episode review, NS Season 3 finale airing tonight at 10 PM EST on FX

SONS OF ANARCHY Season Three Finale, Episode Thirteen Review “NS” Airing November 30, 2010 Watch SONS OF ANARCHY on Tuesday nights at 10 PM EST on FX November 25, 2010 By Lena Lamoray SONS OF ANARCHY FX OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: FX's original series, Sons of Anarchy, is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a … [Read more...]

So You Think You Can Dance Season Seven Winner Revelead on FOX, Tour September 19

LAUREN FRODERMAN IS AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCER AND WINNER OF “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE”   Winner To Be Recognized As Gatorade Athlete   SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Tour 2010 Kicks Off September 19 in New Orleans The seventh season of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE came to a spectacular conclusion tonight as Lauren Froderman, 18, a … [Read more...]

Cat Deeley Interview, Host of So You Think You Can Dance, Season Seven Finale on FOX August 11 and 12

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Interview with CAT DEELEY CAT DEELEY Host of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Watch SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season Seven Finale on Wednesday & Thursday Night August 11 and 12 at 8-10 PM EST on FOX August 11, 2010 By Lena Lamoray CAT DEELEY has hosted SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on FOX for the past six … [Read more...]

So You Think You Can Dance Top 3 Finalists Revealed on FOX


SAFFRON BURROWS Interivew, Law & Order: Criminal Intent Season Finale July 6 on USA Network

LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Interview with SAFFRON BURROWS SAFFRON BURROWS Stars as Detective Serena Stevens in LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Watch the LAW & ORDER: CRIMINAL INTENT Season Finale Two Hour Event Tuesday Night at 9 PM EST July 6th on USA NETWORK July 5, 2010 By Lena Lamoray I can’t believe it is already … [Read more...]

American Idol Winner, Lee Dewyze & Highlight Performances from Janet Jackson, Bret Michaels, Dane Cook & More on FOX

LEE DEWYZE IS CROWNED THE “AMERICAN IDOL”  Two-Hour Spectacular Season Finale Featured Appearances by Alice Cooper, The Bee Gees, Michael McDonald, Dane Cook, Christina Aguilera, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Alanis Morissette, Bret Michaels, Chicago, Janet Jackson and Joe Cocker  Former IDOL Judge Paula Abdul and Past IDOL Winners Kelly … [Read more...]

American Idol Voting Results, Auditions Info & Season Finale May 26 on FOX

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX AND LEE DEWYZE TO COMPETE FOR “AMERICAN IDOL” CROWN TUESDAY, MAY 25, ON FOX CASEY JAMES IS ELIMINATED FROM COMPETITION Winner To Be Announced on Two-Hour Season Finale Wednesday, May 26 Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze are AMERICAN IDOL’s Top 2 finalists after Casey James received the fewest of America’s more than 47 million … [Read more...]

FOX American Idol Voting Results, Justin Bieber & Travis Garland Perform May 19

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX, LEE DEWYZE AND CASEY JAMES ARE THE TOP 3 FINALISTS ON “AMERICAN IDOL”  MICHAEL LYNCHE IS ELIMINATED FROM COMPETITION  Top 3 Finalists Perform Two Songs Each on Next Week’s Performance Show Tuesday, May 18, on FOX   Special Performances by Justin Bieber and Travis Garland on Next Results Show Wednesday, May … [Read more...]

Previews of The Sarah Silverman Program & Important Things With Demetri Martin Season Finales Tonight on Comedy Central

Previews for the SEASON FINALES of The Sarah Silverman Program and Important Things with Demetri Martin! Preview - Dueling Memorials http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=271792 Sarah competes with Laura to create the best memorial in Valley Village with her "Holocaust Erection." Preview - Control - Good, Bad, … [Read more...]


PSYCH Interview with JAMES RODAY and ALLY SHEEDY stars of PSYCH Watch PSYCH on Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on USA NETWORK March 2010 By Lena Lamoray PSYCH stars JAMES RODAY and ALLY SHEEDY sat down and talked to us about their fourth season finale of PSYCH, MR. YIN PRESENTS, which is filled with suspense and impending doom but not all is … [Read more...]

PSYCH Season 4 Finale review of Mr. Yin Presents

PSYCH Season 4 Finale Episode Review “Mr. Yin Presents” Watch PSYCH on Wednesday nights at 10 PM EST on USA NETWORK March 2010 By Lena Lamoray PSYCH is concluding its fourth season this week and they are leaving us with the most suspenseful, beautifully filmed PSYCH episode ever, MR. YIN PRESENTS.  This episode is written and directed by … [Read more...]

White Collar season one finale tonight on USA Network

Tonight, don’t miss one hell of a cliffhanger!  Episode Description: In the premiere of "Out of the Box," Neal teams up with Alex in order to retrieve the ever-elusive music box at an Italian Consulate. Meanwhile, Peter enlists the help of Diana to help take down Fowler. Don't miss the explosive Season One Finale tonight at 10/9C!  Video … [Read more...]