‘The Magicians’ season finale preview

Tonight at 9/8c on Syfy, don't miss the season finale of The Magicians.   The Beast is no match for #TheMagicians finale on Monday at 9|8c 👊🔮✨ Right? 😰https://t.co/9DbwyUpaeE — The Magicians (@MagiciansSyfy) April 10, 2016 … [Read more...]

‘The Magicians’ preview

Tonight at 9/8c on Syfy, don't miss an all-new episode of The Magicians.   Up for an adventure? Travel to a new world with #TheMagicians tomorrow night ✨🔮https://t.co/ClBSY2tiau — The Magicians (@MagiciansSyfy) March 21, 2016 … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview: Arjun Gupta discusses ‘The Magicians’

I spoke with Arjun Gupta about The Magicians. Arjun brings Penny to life in the Syfy series. Don’t let Penny’s tough exterior fool you because he has probably put himself on the line, both physically and mentally, more than anyone else in the group. Arjun was wonderful to speak with. He proved that even boring shopping lists sound cool when he … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview: Hale Appleman discusses ‘The Magicians’

I spoke with Hale Appleman about The Magicians. Hale plays Eliot Waugh in the Syfy series. Eliot is spirited, mischievous, spectacularly dressed, and the one character on the show that you just can’t take your eyes off of because you know that the second you do, you will miss something. Intriguing characters, like Eliot, are always my favorite. It … [Read more...]