WHITE COLLAR Season 4 Finale Advance Review “In the Wind” USA Network

For the long-time, die-hard WHITE COLLAR fans, you will notice in the season 4 finale that there are a lot of reminders of the past, which is apropos given the season’s primary story arc has been about Neal’s (Matt Bomer) exploration of his family history.  This is explored even further as Neal and his father, James (Treat Williams), share a great … [Read more...]

WHITE COLLAR Season 4 Winter Premiere Advance Review “Family Business” USA Network

Now that fans have had time to digest the revelation that Sam (Treat Williams) is actually Neal’s (Matt Bomer) long-lost father, James Bennett, it’s time for some more truths to be told.  Not surprisingly, Neal has a lot of questions for his father, chief among them being whether he was guilty of murdering a fellow cop. Flashing back to a … [Read more...]

WHITE COLLAR Season 4 “Gloves Off” Advance Review USA Network

In my own little warped mind at the end of “Ancient History” when Neal (Matt Bomer) finally chose to trust his closest allies, Peter (Tim DeKay) and Mozzie (Willie Garson), to watch the old mysterious Beta-max tape with, I imagined our friends would be watching nothing but static once it started playing. After all, it is old and who knows where the … [Read more...]