‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ highlights: Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston chats with Jimmy about working with Steve Carell and Laurence Fishburne on his dramatic comedy Last Flag Flying. He also shares stories from his life as a salesman and reveals that his most heart-wrenching performance in The King and I was the result of Vaseline, bad makeup and hot lights. https://twitter.com/BryanCranston … [Read more...]

Chris Hemsworth highlights from ‘The Tonight Show’

Check out some highlights from last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, including Sleigh Scooter Race with Chris Hemsworth. Chris and Liam Hemsworth Doodle on Each Other's Magazine Covers Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam are very mature, so they graffiti each other's magazine covers whenever they see … [Read more...]

Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman, and Susan Sarandon play Password on ‘The Tonight Show’

Be sure to catch highlights from last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, including Password with Hugh Jackman, Nick Offerman and Susan Sarandon. Hugh Jackman Shows Jimmy How to Really Eat Vegemite Hugh Jackman pulls out a toaster to show Jimmy the proper Aussie way to eat Vegemite on toast. https://youtu.be/P_sUhTWtvG4 Hugh Jackman … [Read more...]

Jack Black and Jimmy recreate Extreme’s “More Than Words” video on ‘The Tonight Show’

Be sure to catch highlights from last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, including Jack Black and Jimmy’s recreation of Extreme's "More Than Words" music video. Jack Black talks to Jimmy about life with his two sons, including occasionally getting attacked in his wallet and genitals. Jack Black talks to Jimmy about his dark comedy The D Train and … [Read more...]

Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with “Saved By The Bell” Cast

Be sure to catch highlights from last night’s episode of The Tonight Show, including a look back at Jimmy’s time at Bayside High with the "Saved by the Bell" cast. Jimmy Fallon Went to Bayside High with "Saved By The Bell" Cast While in L.A., Jimmy reminisces about his time at Bayside High with the gang from "Saved By The … [Read more...]

‘Tonight Show’ highlights: Josh Hartnett and Charlize Theron

Be sure to catch the late night highlights, including charades with Charlize Theron and Josh Hartnett on The Tonight Show. Charades with Charlize Theron and Josh Hartnett - Jimmy and Josh Hartnett face-off against Charlize Theron and Steve Higgins in a game of charades. Charlize Theron's Son Is Tinker Bell Obsessed - Jimmy chats with … [Read more...]

Nip synch with Terry Crews ‘The Tonight Show’ highlights

Check out The Tonight Show highlights, including Jimmy’s interview with Liam Neeson and nip sync with Terry Crews. Liam Neeson Spins a Family Guy Joke into a Movie Role Jimmy talks to Liam about being a cowboy and working with Seth McFarlane on A Million Ways to Die in the West. Nip Syncing with Terry Crews Jimmy Fallon and Terry … [Read more...]

Louis C.K., Jack White, and Neil Young ‘Tonight Show’ highlights

Check out some highlights of Louis C.K., Neil Young and Jack White on The Tonight Show, plus Jimmy’s “spoiler-free” interview with The Blacklist’s Megan Boone. Jimmy tries hard to avoid spoiling The Blacklist's finale during an interview with show star Megan Boone. Louis C.K. Gives Jimmy Fallon Parenting Advice Jimmy talks to Louis … [Read more...]

Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon lip-sync battle on ‘Tonight Show’

Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd - This happened last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy and Paul Rudd compete in a lip sync battle, and Paul raises the bar in the second round. Photo credit: NBC … [Read more...]

David Koechner tour dates and ‘The Tonight Show’ clips with Leslie Mann

Check out Jay’s interviews with Leslie Mann and David Koechner on The Tonight Show.  Did you enjoy David Koechner on Justified this week?  He's on tour right now, so check him out live. http://www.davidkoechner.com Jan 10, 2014 - Boston (The WIlbur) - ticket info Jan 11, 2014 - Philadelphia (The Troc) - ticket info Jan 17, 2014 - … [Read more...]

Chris Hemsworth talks to Jay Leno about ‘Rush’ and Australian soap operas

Chris Hemsworth on doing an Australian soap opera. Chris Hemsworth on the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda in Rush. … [Read more...]

Hugh Jackman talks to Jay Leno about ‘Prisoners’ and Italian pasta from outer space

Hugh Jackman explains what his son's interpretation of "Italian pasta from outer space" is. Hugh Jackman on keeping a close eye on his kids after filming Prisoners. … [Read more...]

BUSH New Release September 13 and Tour Dates

BUSH New Release September 13th and Tour Dates with Filter and Chevelle  The band will tear through a mix of classic hits and new material from upcoming album THE SEA OF MEMORIES (their first album in 10 years).  THE SEA OF MEMORIES drops on Sept 13 through the band’s own label, Zuma Rock Records. New lead single “The Sound of Winter” is … [Read more...]

Ali Larter Resident Evil, Katie Couric, Kurt Warner, Chuck, Minute to Win It and more NBC Coverage

NBC Coverage Tonight Show with Jay Leno Highlights Katie Couric talks her surreal World Cup moment with President Clinton.  Katie Couric talks about daughter going to college and remembers her own college experience. Kurt Warner talks Dancing with the Stars and advice from Emmet Smith and Michael Irvin.  Kurt Warner talks big Viking/Saints … [Read more...]

Ken Jeong, Chelsea Handler, Meghan McCain, Elijah Wood, Maggie Q, Nikita and more NBC Video Coverage

NBC Coverage Videos THE TONIGHT SHOW Meghan McCain Meghan McCain talks about getting fired from her Dad's campaign.  Meghan McCain talks about finding out Sarah Palin was her Dad's running mate. Ken Jeong talks about his connection with Chelsea and recent People Magazine story.  Ken Jeong talks about Jay and Chelsea's sexual tension, … [Read more...]