Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno clips

Jay doesn't understand why Tom Cruise does his own stunts, until now. Tom Cruise doesn't refuse stunts. Tom Cruise on the story of Oblivion. Emily Blunt on cracking Dame Judi Dench on the chin with a walking stick. Emily Blunt on shooting with Colin Firth for Arthur Newman. … [Read more...]

Tom Cruise Talks Les Grossman, Knight and Day & Jennifer Lopez, Twilight Eclipse Star Bryce Dallas Howard

Tom Cruise talks about Les Grossman, Knight and Day, Dancing with Jennifer Lopez  at the MTV Movie Awards Bryce Dallas Howard from Twilight Eclipse, Killzone 3 Demo, America’s Got Talent, 100 Questions, Watch the videos & more WWW.LENALAMORAY.COM … [Read more...]

PUSCIFER, Maynard James Keenan from Tool and A Perfect Circle Live Concert Photos and Review

PUSCIFER Berklee Performance Center in Boston, MA March 2010 PUSCIFER Live Show Review and Live Photos by Lena Lamoray UNCLE SCRATCH’S GOSPEL’S REVIVAL opened the night with their two man TOM CRUISE and Wal-Mart hating act.  Their clunky Rockabilly sound comes courtesy of a cardboard barrel drum kit.  They sang the sure to be a hit song, I … [Read more...]