Jimmy Fallon clips – Rod Stewart, Jennifer Morrison, & Chris D’Elia Stand-Up

Rod Stewart Performs Song Jimmy Fallon Wrote For Him: "Dancin' With You All Night Long by Rod Stewart" After Jimmy performed a song in his office and sent it to Rod Stewart, the two perform it on Late Night with a little help from The Roots. Rod Stewart, Part 1 (10/24/12) Jimmy asks music legend Rod Stewart about some of the tales in his new … [Read more...]

Exclusive Interview Chris D’Elia, Chris plays STANKOWSKI in GLORY DAZE on TBS

I spoke with CHRIS D’ELIA about his COMEDY CENTRAL Special that is premiering Friday, February 4, about STANKOWSKI from GLORY DAZE and so much more. What a pleasure it was to speak with him and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect but he was incredible. I love his stand-up and STANKOWSKI, so I figured it was a win, win all the way and what he … [Read more...]