Exclusive: DARK PLACES Shannon Kook Interview

I spoke with Shannon Kook about Dark Places, The Conjuring, A Christmas Horror Story, and so much more. Shannon plays Trey in Dark Places, which is available now on DIRECTV and will be opening in theaters on August 7. Shannon spoke about his character in Dark Places and how he can relate to him. He was fantastic to speak with. Definitely check out … [Read more...]

PSYCH “In For A Penny” Review Starring William Shatner

Beam me up, Scotty! It’s Captain Kirk – um, Denny Krane…um…I mean, William Shatner!  Finally, we get to meet Juliet’s father, but more importantly, Shawn gets to meet the “in-law”.  Flashing back to 1990, at Juliet’s 9th birthday party, the birthday girl sits patiently waiting for her absentee Dad to come, only to have her heart broken (apparently, … [Read more...]