SIMON COWELL from American Idol Interview excerpt Feb 18 conference call

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Simon Cowell from American Idol Interview excerpt from tonight’s conference call I participated in.  The full interview will be published on www.LenaLamoray.com soon.

When asked about if a woman will win this year:

Simon Cowell:  “I think there is a better chance of it, I would love to find a Taylor Swift, somebody who’s relevant rather than just a contest winner”. 

When asked about who should replace him: 

Simon Cowell:  They have to be “handsome, very good looking and know what they are talking about.   I am fairly certain that there hasn’t been an approach for Howard Stern to do the show.”

 “Over the years judges have been replaced by personalities and whoever replaces me my advice has always been find somebody that actually knows what they are talking about.”

His thoughts on Paula:

Simon Cowell:  “Paula is my friend even though we used to argue a lot we would hang out after the show.  She always made me laugh.  I do miss her.” 

When asked about artists that he wants  to work with on American Idol:

Simon Cowell:  “I think we should have on Lady Gaga since she is the most relevant pop artist in the world today.”


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