The Maine set to rock America’s Greenest School

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The Maine Partners with IC Bus to Help

Highlight Teen Greening Efforts Across America

NEW YORK, NY (February 26, 2010) – The Maine has partnered with IC Bus, the nation’s leading school bus manufacturer, for the second annual America’s Greenest SchoolSM Contest to help find the greenest school in the country.

The winning school will receive a free concert by The Maine.  In addition to the concert, the winning school will receive a new IC Bus™ hybrid school bus valued at $150,000, a $20,000 green makeover and LEED school audit, and a $3,000 scholarship for the winning entry.

 “We’re extremely happy to be partnering with IC Bus for the 2010 America’s Greenest School contest,” said The Maine vocalist John O’Callaghan. “Being green is important to our band, our fans and the planet, and this contest is a great way to highlight the little things that make a big difference – like riding the bus instead of driving. We’re excited about playing at the winning school and encourage all of our fans to enter, and to go green.” The group helped kick off the 2010 America’s Greenest School contest with a pep rally concert at the school of 2009’s contest winner – Irvington High School in Freemont, CA (picture below).

 “As parents, students and teachers are looking at ways to lead a greener life, school is a great place to show environmental leadership,” said John McKinney, president of IC Bus. “The America’s Greenest School Contest is one way to help educate and influence eco-friendly behavior like riding the bus to school instead of using a passenger car.”

 The America’s Greenest School Contest encourages students nationwide to submit a variety of entries, such as a photo collection, music, a video, an essay, or photos of a diorama, collage or piece of artwork, which illustrate the vision for how they’d make their school a greener place. “Since every school bus has the capacity to take 36 cars off the road, school bus transportation is inherently eco-friendly. As part of their contest entry, we would like students to demonstrate how their school is committed to green transportation,” McKinney added. Contest details and entry guidelines are available at AmericasGreenestSchool.com or www.facebook.com/AmericasGreenestSchool.

 IC Bus will select ten finalists and America will choose the winner through online voting. The winner will be announced the week of Earth Day 2010.

Riding a school bus is just one great way to help the environment. Here are a few green facts from the American School Bus Council:

·        One school bus has the capacity to take 36 cars off the road, for a total of 17.3 million cars a year.

·        More than 26 million children ride the school bus daily, saving 2.3 billion gallons of fuel each year.

·        If an additional 10 percent of children rode school buses, it could save another 300 million gallons of fuel annually.

·        School bus models made in 2007 or later incorporate newer engine technology and are 60 times cleaner than those built before 1990.

·        The daily fuel cost to transport a child to school is $3.68 for a private vehicle, but only 73 cents if that child rides a school bus.

Here are a few simple tips from The Maine on how they’ve committed to living green:

·         Anything that you leave plugged into an outlet is pulling electricity, even if it’s “sleeping”, so we always make sure to unplug anything that isn’t in use.

·         In the winter months here in AZ, we turn both our heater and A/C off. Not only will it save you money, but it’s perfect outside! Who really uses a heater in Arizona anyway?

·         We buy water in jugs to help cut down on all that wasted plastic from water bottles.

·         We keep all of our showers very short – anything over three minutes is a waste of water!

About The Maine

Formed in Phoenix, AZ in 2007 while most of the band members were still in high school, The Maine turned their ’90s radio rock band influences into an infectious pop-punk sound. The Maine features singer John O’Callaghan, guitarists Kennedy Brock and Jared Monaco, bassist Garrett Nickelsen, and drummer Pat Kirch.  This past summer, The Maine released a deluxe edition of their critically-acclaimed album “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” including their new single “Into Your Arms.” For more information on the band please visit www.wearethemaine.net.

 About IC Bus
IC Bus, LLC, of Warrenville, IL, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Navistar, Inc. (NYSE: NAV). The nation’s largest integrated manufacturer of school buses, IC Bus is a global leader in passenger protection, chassis design, engines and ergonomics. The company is also a producer of commercial buses. All IC Bus™ brand buses are sold, serviced and supported through a renowned dealer network that offers an integrated customer program encompassing parts, training and service. Additional information is available at


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