Flobots New Release, Survival Story is Out Now on Universal Repuplic Records

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 VIDEO PREMIERE: “White Flag Warrior”

 Universal Republic Records’ breakthrough Denver band Flobots, are celebrating the release date of their

sophomore album Survival Story. The kinetic band appeared at a local In-store yesterday as the album hit the

streets and digital platforms, autographing copies of the new CD at Denver’s popular Twist And Shout Record Store.

 The new album features the counter-intuitive lead single “White Flag Warrior,” with Rise Against’s Tim McIlrath.

The song is generating massive buzz at radio with stations such as KFMA/Tucson and WCYY/Portland stating,

“Finally! A reaction record that has intelligence…already generating Top 5 phones,” “…received a ton of

feedback…and got an amazing positive reaction!” Created in Blasting Room studios in Ft. Collins CO,

Survival Story was produced by Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys).

 Known for their riveting, socially charged genre-mashing musicianship, Flobots have rallied fans across

the globe to the tune of their rousing activist edge, but have always had a special fondness in their hearts for their

loyal home town Denver fans. “There’s no place like home,” stated Flobots Co-founder Jonny 5. “We’ve always been

inspired by the fans and supportive artistic community that we were nurtured on in Denver. We’re thrilled to be

celebrating the launch of our new album with them.”

  Survival Story is the follow-up to their 2008 game-changing, 300,000-plus selling Universal Republic debut album,

‘Fight With Tools’. The new album was helmed by noted producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Beck,

Jack Johnson, Moby), and finds the group at yet another turning point of inspiring transformation. The first

single from the new album is the pummeling “White Flag Warrior,” featuring a guest appearance by Tim

McIIrath of influential Chicago band, Rise Against.

 Flobots garnered across-the-board critical, cultural and commercial acclaim in 2008 with their platinum-plus

smash hit “Handlebars.” The song became a Top 5 clarion call of both the rap and rock worlds, with

the spirited anthem soaring to #1 on the alternative radio chart as the format’s most requested song of the year.

 The six-member band was also recognized as innovative agents of cultural change during their mainstream

rise, with media outlets such as USA Today praising their “stinging social commentary,” and the Boston Herald

calling them “rap’s most singular breakthrough act in years.” Flobots’ innovative music, vigorous community

networking and uplifting calls to action reflected the generational shift of priorities reverberating

throughout the entire country. 

Survival Story finds the band invigorated by the range of life-experiences that flowed

through the Flobots’ global collective the past two years (their extremely effective non-profit

organization,flobots.org, has mobilized fans to become change-agents in their own communities

throughout the world). But, the sophomore album also arrives in 2010 as a vision of hope for a

world pondering its limits: Flobots’ unique birds-eye view of a world changed and rearranged –

both inside and out.

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