Foxy Shazam New Album Today, Exclusive Tracks with iTunes, Hot Topic & Amazon

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Foxy Shazam have released their self-titled Sire Records album today! The band is offering a few configurations of their album across the world today. Hot Topic stores and Shockhound.com will contain an exclusive track titled Dog In Love With Kitty, which can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/d557mq. iTunes and Amazon will contain two exclusive tracks for Teenage Demon Baby and Some Kind Of Love and their official music for Oh Lord; iTunes- http://bit.ly/bMakYy and Amazon http://amzn.to/9trcXX. Get in on this early heat the band is currently enjoying thanks to their unprecedented live show and fearless promotion with such websites as ChatRoulette.com!

Their songs “kick like mules and glitter like diamonds” said SPIN magazine, who named the band one of 10 Artists to Watch in 2010, and Simon Price of the London Observer declared “their ability to knock out killer tunes, wickedly witty wordplay and exuberantly maximalist sound (Andrew WK meets Dexys meets Springsteen) has already caused ripples, but it’s on stage that they’ll really blow your mind.”  Hear for yourself today! Visit http://foxyshazam.com for more.

Here’s what the rest of the world is saying about Foxy Shazam-

“[S]tandouts like surging freak anthem ‘Wanna Be Angel’ and power ballad ‘Bye Bye Symphony’ kick like mules and glitter like diamonds.” —SPIN Magazine

“Soulful, groove-laden punk.”  –American Songwriter

“[‘Unstoppable’ is] a stadium-sized anthem in the vein of Queen and The Darkness.” –USA Today

“[Foxy Shazam] incorporate ’70s soul, ’50s rock ‘n’ roll, ’80s pop, Broadway torch songs and even a little Blood Brothers-esque post-hardcore into their piano-driven tunes-and frankly, their major-label debut is magnificent… Not a single track fails to take flight, and whether it’s the gloriously poppy ‘Wanna Be Angel,’ the gospel-infused grandeur of ‘Connect Me’ or the Bruce Springsteen-gone-funk bliss of ‘Count Me Out,’ Foxy Shazam absolutely nail it every time. You’ll be humming every track for weeks.” –Alternative Press

“The soul-punk sextet…treated their opening slot at Spin’s annual Stubbs party like a headlining victory lap, bringing barely-awake badge holders to rapt attention with their tent-revival brand of Cinn-city rock and roll…the straggly but rapt before-lunch crowd looked fully converted and ready to testify to the primal, inordinately tight-pantsed force of Foxy.” –Entertainment Weekly

“Foxy Shazam are here to put a little pomp and circumstance into your daily dose of rock ‘n’ roll… [T]his Cincinnati sextet make audacious glam-rock-meets-prog-pop-meets-musical-theater. (Try to find that genre on iTunes.)… [R]ecalls everything from Elton John and The Stooges to T. Rex and Queen.” –MTV Buzzworthy

“[A] world-class release dripping with potential for mainstream breakthrough… [W]rought with contemporary classicism.  Foxy comes off like the second coming of Queen with the smirking ass-kick of Eagles of Death Metal, smushing together the Pop majesty of Elton John (with The Darkness as his backing band), the orchestrated vaudeville Pop madness of Sparks and the visceral pinwheel of Spoon, all of it arranged by Berry Gordy and Burt Bacharach with extra dollops of Soul and cool… Foxy Shazam has crafted a local album worthy of the nation’s Top 10 lists this year.” –Cincinnati CityBeat

“[Foxy Shazam] brought the ruckus for a good hour with a show [at SXSW] that had most people converted by song three.  Led by Eric Sean Nally, the band is a glam-pop face-melter.” –Houston Press

“Eric Nally looks and sounds like he’s auditioning for the lead in a Freddie Mercury biopic, but he’s got such a good voice and so much goofy charm that he gets away with it…the whole band hammers out punk, pop and even a few ska rhythms with conviction and skill.” –Metromix

“Glam-rock is alive and well… sounds like the shimmering ‘70s and hair-metal ‘80s conspiring together.” –Chicago Tribune

“The band mixes elements of punk, prog, symphonic rock, hardcore and even hair metal, and songs like the heavy fun ‘Ghost Animals’ read more like Mars Volta than Queen.” –Creative Loafing

“[A] sweaty progression of rollicking guitar riffs, wordless vocal harmonies, horn lines and keyboard vamps, played over rock-steady drums and fat, swampy bass lines.” –Hartford Courant

“Foxy Shazam draws from the book of Queen and Meat Loaf to construct monster piano rock” –Tampa Bay Times

“Foxy Shazam sounds like someone took a little bit of ‘60s surf rock, some commercial pop, a splash of crazy and threw it all into a blender.” –Aquarian Weekly

“Energetic rock ‘n’ soul purveyors.” –San Antonio Express News

“A dizzying blend of genres and energy make up Foxy Shazam’s sound.  Lead singer Eric Nally is like a dramatic, colorful character from a bizarre, glamorous musical…Welcome back, rock ‘n’ roll.” –The Monitor

“Foxy Shazam is poised to conquer the universe with their new album.” –The Bristol Observer

“Foxy is a potent mixture of incredible writing, a strong ear for the hook and a bat shit insane live performance.” –The News Record

“The Ohio-born sextet is the band that Eagles of Death Metal wishes it could be.”
The Daily Nexus

“Foxy Shazam…channels the spirits of the godfathers of punk and classic rock with a contemporary twist.  The band sounds like what might come out of an improbable, underground side project of Freddie Mercury and Modest Mouse rearranging rockabilly songs by Buddy Holly with punk staples by The Sex Pistols.” –The Falcon


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