Gasoline Silver, New Ron Franklin Project New Release August 10 & Tour Dates

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Ron Franklin Forms New Project: Gasoline Silver

 Self-Titled Debut Album to Be Released on Victorian Records, August 10th

Free MP3 of their debut single “

Formed in the Twin Cities in 2009, Gasoline Silver’s sound is not limited to its Midwest roots. Taking cues from ’70s New York punk, Memphis blues, and even British psych-rock and power-pop, Gasoline Silver’s 11-track debut album, out on Victorian Records on August 10th, is a unique and energetic gem. Each track is carefully crafted by Ron Franklin on vocals, harmonica and guitar, Andy Hertel on drums, and Josh Misner on synthesizers and tambourine. 


The diversity of influences is shown throughout the album. Tracks such as the opener/first single “Indianapolis” and “Miss Cape Canaveral”, use iconic American cities as the backdrop for heart-wrenching tales of love and heartbreak. As Franklin sings, “Too much flood / too much blood / too much silence / for me to say / oh baby / Indianapolis just wasn’t / what you had in mind,” Hertel and Misner add dance-laden synth lines and shoulder-shaking drum beats, effortlessly mixing with Franklin’s raw guitar riffs. “The Wild Farewell” returns Franklin to his Tennessee roots, and at times Franklin sounds like he’s channeling Memphis Skyline-era Bob Dylan with his lyrics and harmonica melodies. Like a futuristic ‘50s prom ballad, “To Electricity” warns the audience of a destructive lover, switching with Franklin scolding the lover herself, stating, “You like damage, and damage is your thing!” Even the aptly named “Ron Franklin’s Dream”, points out a list of Franklin’s influences, from The Stooges, to Pink Floyd, to even Ozzy Osbourne.
 Already known for his non-traditional take on the blues, the critically acclaimed Franklin started dabbling in pop and garage rock on his solo efforts. With a telecaster strapped to his back, and a harmonica rack in tow, Franklin traveled the U.S. and Europe playing and writing new songs in his spare time. The songs he wrote while touring led him in a different direction, and soon he had joined up with Hertel and Misner, adding synths, drums and other instruments to the sketches Ron wrote while touring. After playing together live, they all knew it was a perfect fit. Check the tour dates below to catch ‘em live this summer.

Tour Dates

May 27- 7th Street Entry- Minneapolis, MN
June 5- Sound Unseen International Music Art & Film Fest- Duluth, MN

July 9- McCabe’s – Santa Monica, CA -(w/Peter Case)

 Gasoline Silver Track Listing

 1. Indianapolis
2. A Heart of Glitter and Eyes of Stone
3. The Wild Farewell
4. It’s All Over But the Cryin’
5. [notes on a fragment]
6.To Electricity
7.Miss Cape Canaveral
8. Electro Shock Dubliners Blues
9. My Time Ain’t Long
10. Ron Franklin’s Dream
11. Silver Paint Et Cetera


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