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LADY GAGA Monster Ball with Semi Precious Weapons Review

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Lady Gaga played two consecutive nights to a packed house at the TD Garden in Boston, MA. Before I even entered the venue I could see the enthusiastic fans lined up, dressed like their favorite Gaga persona, reminiscent of the earlier days of Marilyn Manson where fans felt free to express themselves while eagerly awaiting the start of the show.

Semi Precious Weapons opened the show and I will say that the biggest bummer of the night is that they only allowed us to photograph Lady Gaga from the soundboard, so even though I got there early I didn’t get a chance to photograph the amazing Semi Precious Weapons again. Not only does their stage performance and exuberant energy blow my mind every time that I see them but they have the music to back it up. If you are not familiar with, Semi Precious Weapons then you are truly missing out on one of the most radical bands to ever walk this earth in high heels. Justin Tranter, Stevy Pyne, Cole Whittle, and Dan Crean are all truly amazing artists, performers, musicians, and dignified human beings. I would like to extend my personal thanks to Lady Gaga for bringing these righteous chaps on tour whenever possible!

Prior to the start of Lady Gaga’s show you could see her legions of fans sweating anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Gaga and for the Monster Ball to begin. The lights finally went down and the intro sequence of music started while a grid image projected onto the white curtain that surrounded the stage. The image wavered and the stage lights brought the stage and Lady Gaga into focus behind the screen. Her stage was setup like city streets with neon signs and stair cases leading down to the stage where a post apocalypse road warrior car was parked, which housed a keyboard under the hood. Dancers emerged from the car while Gaga sang under a spot light hunched over a rail. Her fan’s screams were deafening and people were excited to tears, literally to see their idol appear before them.

Short film sequences played between show changes, projecting images of a glamorous Lady Gaga very Madonna-esque “Vogue” video fashion and also other images of her drenched in blood. Energy increased from song to song and you were introduced to a variety of costumes and an ever changing stage setup. As the streets of the city moved away her band became more exposed and both guitar players got to show off some their techniques while they exchange solos throughout the show. I am happy to see Lady Gaga share the stage with her band and backup dancers like a true Rock n’ Roll star. Lady Gaga really puts on a performance and in true live fashion for her fans that deserve it and appreciate it. Some song highlights of the show were her performances of “Just Dance,” “The Fame,” “Love Games”, “Alejandro”, “Telephone”, “Poker Face”, Paparazzi.” and “Bad Romance.”

Lady Gaga even gives back, so prior to her song “Telephone” she called a psyched fan in the audience. She is also working with Virgin Mobile to help fight youth homelessness and they give a donation of $20,000 every show to the charity. That is an incredible contribution and Lady Gaga also paired up with the beautiful Cyndi Lauper for the recent MAC Cosmetics Viva Glam Campaign. Whether you love or hate Lady Gaga, one thing is for certain is that she has just started making her mark on this world and it is not only paved in fame or Monster Balls but also in the desire to give back to those who need her the most.

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