DANZIG In-Store Signings, New Release June 22, Tour Dates, On A Wicked Night MP3 Download Now

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Special Nine City Tour to Usher in the Release of Deth Red Sabaoth Begins

Three In-Store Signings June 19, 21, and 24
(The End Records; June 22)

Glenn Danzig, at the forefront of the hardcore/dark metal movement for nearly three decades, recently announced a special nine-city concert trek that kicked off yesterday in Norfolk, VA.  The dates, played to usher in the release of Deth Red Sabaoth (evilive/The End Records),Danzig’s first new studio album in six years, will feature long-time Danzig cohort, guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry), drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative) and former Samhaim bandmate, bassist Steve Zing.  Support for the east coast dates will be Gorgeous Frankenstein, the band of original Misfits member Doyle, and Seventh Void, the band that includes of Danzig/Type O Negative drummer Johnny Kelly and Type O guitarist Kenny Hickey.
Fans can also meet Glenn Danzig at three in-store autograph signings to be held around the tour, included Saturday June 19 at Vintage Vinyl in NJ, Monday, June 21 at Newbury Comics in Boston, MA, and Thursday, June 24 at Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho. See the tour itinerary below for more information.
Danzig plans to dig deep into his career-defining catalogue and perform tracks from Danzig, Lucifuge, How the Gods Kill, and on up to the present, including several new songs from Deth Red Sabaoth. “Danzig fans have their own favorites from throughout the years,” said Glenn, “and I hope the set list we put together will satisfy everyone.”
Deth Red Sabaoth, which marks Danzig’s ninth studio venture that began back in 1988 with the Rick Rubin-produced, Platinum-certified Danzig, is an 11-track collection penned by Danzig, and is laced with Glenn’s lycanthropic growls and blues-infected wailing.  Tracks including “Black Candy, “The Revengeful,” and “On A Wicked Night,” emit a spectral glow to rival the highest points in Danzig’s colossal discography.  Part I of the exquisite two-part “Pyre of Souls” opens with acoustic guitar, haunting piano, Glenn’s plainsong vocal, and an almost dirge-like feel; Part II explodes with electric guitars and a driving, mesmerizing cadence.
In addition to the upcoming Deth Red Sabaoth, Danzig has just published a book of select, previously unreleased Misfits, Danzig, and Samhaim lyrics, titled “Hidden Lyrics of the Left Hand” (Verotik).  The book features illustrations by Simon Bisley, who has painted numerous album covers for Danzig and collaborated on many Verotik comic titles.
Glenn Danzig has received many titles, from the Godfather of Dark Metal to a punk pioneer to a man of integrity, but most agree that over his near-30-year career, his intense musical and lyrical statements have left a permanent mark on rock music.  He is a gifted songwriter, and his songs  have been covered by such diverse artists as Johnny Cash, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, and Roy Orbison, just to name a few.  His “13,” originally written for Johnny Cash and then recorded for Glenn’s own Satan’s Child, was the opening song in last year’s box office smash and Golden Globe winner, “The Hangover.”  Danzig’s music is dark, gothic, and haunting, and continues to influence generation after generation of musicians and music fans across the globe.
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Danzig’s special nine-city tour dates are as follows:
18      Nokia Theatre, New York, NY   
19      Vintage Vinyl In-Store Signing, Fords, NJ, 2:30 – 4:30 PM
19      Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA 
21      Newbury Comics In-Store Signing, Boston, MA, 4:30 – 6:30 PM 
21      House of Blues, Boston, MA
24      Record Exchange In-Store Signing, Boise, ID, 6 – 7:30pm
24      Knitting Factory, Boise, ID   
25      Knitting Factory, Reno, NV   
26      Nokia, Los Angeles, CA
27      Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA


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